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redeagle313 04-29-2007 01:18 PM


Coincidentally, I just heard a blurb on tv this morning about Columbus, IN. Sounds like you Columbusites...Columbusians(?) are quite proud of your town, especially your mayor. What a spokesperson!

Also, I figured it couldn't hurt to BUMP this thread.


RedSHED 05-03-2007 09:45 PM

Columbus is great place to raise a family. Southwest Ohio was home to us previously and we still love the lay of the land and in a lot of ways it still seems like home. However, we've been in Columbus for 11 years now and it is so nice we just stay. Columbus is known for it's architecture, there is a nice mix of people from different lifestyles and ethnicities, it's pretty safe, the Parks and Rec Dept does a wonderful year-round job, there are lots of people interested in the arts and their "promotion" on a variety of levels, the city does a good job of providing services and encouraging an enriched lifestyle that is not normally found in a city of this size. The mayor does have a good personality for the job. He came to a neighborhood picnic we had a few years ago. Our daughter was two, had just finished her meal and her face was coated with yummy foodstuffs. My husband held her up, the mayor saw the face, he got a good laugh and politely declined.

Mrs. RedSHED

RedSHED 05-05-2007 04:00 PM

redeagle and redshed are thinking campfire dinner on Saturday evening! Anyone else care to join us for the weekend?

Mrs_RedSHED 05-21-2007 08:18 PM

Columbus, IN Rally - We had a good time!
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Though only two units participated in the Columbus, IN Rally in May we enjoyed the activities and the company very much! The RedSHED family rode bicycles in the Tour de Trails on Saturday while the redeagle313 family learned more about Columbus and it's architecture on the Visitor Center bus tour. We got back together at the Ceraland Campground that evening and had nice time talking and eating around the campfire. redeagle313 mom put a new twist on the smore...fudgestripe cookies with a roasted marshmallow in between...mmmmm good. The kids played follow the leader (at varying speeds) and found that gumballs from the sweet gum trees burn pretty hot.:brows:

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