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ALANSD 01-06-2003 07:45 AM

awning repair
This is my day for new repair issues...(after a week long trip, something always needs an adjustment)
My Fiesta awning has the "brake" lever you pull to allow it to unroll. It's stuck. The awning arm took a bit of a hit on an orange cone some time ago, but did not seem damaged. I guess it jammed the lever rotator at the top. Any suggestions? Seems like the cap comes off, and the lever with it, but I don't want to pull it off and not be able to get it back on.

ALANSD 01-09-2003 05:52 PM

I called Carefree Awnings, and got a great customer service person named Kathy. She had me take down the directions to freeing a stuck brake lever, which amounts to lifting the "carport" arm a bit while you move the brake lever. It takes two to do this, but it did work. The awning now is back to normal op.
She also offered to send me a few new replacement parts at no cost, even though my warantee is long over , and I am the second owner. My commendation to Carefree for their quick and friendly service.

added 1/22: Carefree did send me the new parts for the awning arms which I have had some problems with. Much appreciated.

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