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minifan 03-06-2007 11:25 AM

Hello Airstreamers (first post)
I like the airstream concept. I want to purchase a trailer. just wish there was more options for users who are planning to travel alot more than the average user. I would like a more heavy duty 4 season type trailer. I would like to see a big influx of investment to help Airstream provide the options and dealer assistance needed to give us want we want. so we can get it right the first time.

InsideOut 03-06-2007 11:31 AM

Welcome aboard!

You will find lots of folks here online that full-time quite successfully in their Airstreams. Hope you find what you are looking for ~ there is a whole section dedicated to Full-Time & Winter Living.

Shari :flowers:

airstreamers 03-06-2007 12:45 PM

welcome minifan! i'm sure that you will find an airstream to match your hopes. even if it needs work done, etc. this forum site has so many great people to help you with suggestions. good luck and happy airstreaming!

nvestysly 03-06-2007 01:03 PM

Dealer Comments
Here's a link to another thread from Airstream of Arkansas. This dealer was recently soliciting comments to be used at the 2007 dealer meetings. Seems like a logical place to voice your opinions.

click here to find the thread. If the link does not work just search on Airstream of Arkansas.


bobchevy89 03-06-2007 01:18 PM

Hello and welcome,
What do you want in the heavy duty cat.? most of the A/S here have been through a lot of ruff places, just read some of the posts. you might want to look in ther searce area and see if any thing you want comes up.some members take their TT over logging and dirt and rocky roads.

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