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toocrazy 03-04-2007 04:04 PM

Asking the right questions
Top of day to you,

I looked at Buyers Guidelines and did find so good information also checked search and found some general questions for the Safari SE but as many of you know the wording is critical and no hits on “questions to ask for pre-owned” so forgive me if this is redundant. I thought of asking only those members who own this model but the suggestion from a member was to post so all would be helped for there many that are looking for pre-owned units no matter of model or size.

I’ve recently come across a 1991, 34’-Excella Limited for sale (many members own this model) and it had taken me back a little. This is a big rig and maybe more than I want to handle but she looks very nice viewing the pictures. It’s with a dealer and being a newbie to Airstreams I don’t know all the right questions I should be asking. Sure I’ll check the tires, ask about the brakes, batteries, furnace, and plumbing, look for leaks, etc. but what are the questions I really need to ask before purchasing? It’s a case of not knowing enough to develop the questions.

When I was a young man, I owned a Spartan 35’ trailer coach and this Excella reminds me of that unit. I’ll be visiting the lot in a week to look first hand at the unit and I would feel better asking the right questions, Please help.
Maybe loco,

overlander63 03-04-2007 04:23 PM

Check the floors for soft or rotten spots, and the plumbing and electrical for proper operation, no leaks, no shorts.
A dent in the wrong spot could be a real problem, too.

Alumatube 03-04-2007 04:28 PM

The main things I understand about the trailers (we have an Excella, too, but much older and gutted) is to check the flooring, especially around the bathroom area (where water would possibly go) and to check the axles (you can search on this to find lots of good info). Checking the frame is also a good thing to do--check the belly pan for any gaps or holes, and if you have rotted wood above, you may want to check the frame below it, too, if you can. I am not sure how to otherwise check the frame, but do a search on it and I am sure a lot will come up.

I personally would be happier with a larger floor plan (bigger rather than smaller trailer), but you also need to consider the roads and accessibility for long vehicles in your area. If an 18-wheeler can get through, you and your trailer should fit just fine.

Good luck in your search! I hope you find your Dream 'Stream soon!

Susan :)

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