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chris's 67 02-24-2007 06:08 PM

Reinforcement plate for 76 31ft. sovereign?
I have seen many posts from people about the reinforcement plate, to keep the rear end of the trailer from sagging. I have removed the belly pan on my sovereign and I don't think that one has been installed, because I see the round punch marks in the frame as I saw mentioned by someone. If someone has a picture of this plate I would like to see one. Also I would like to say that my camper is a center bath model and I can detect no sag or cracking in the frame. My question also is whether or not I need to install this plate on a center bath model or is this problem more common on rear bath models. Thanks for anyones help.

LI Pets 02-24-2007 07:07 PM

Take a piece of string along the belt moulding from front to back see if it's straight.

You can jump on the rear bumper also to get kind of a test??

With a center bath you shouldn't need and support IMO.

PizzaChop 02-24-2007 08:38 PM


The main thing I'd be looking for is the condition of the frame and the floor. While a rear bath may be more susceptible to rear end separation due to multiple sources of water damage (plumbing), a rear bedroom can have problems as well if the rear seal between the beltline and rear bumper fails. (I found out about that first hand with my '73 Sovereign centerbath. The last frame crossmember was nearly gone from rust.)

The reinforcement plate just gives added strength the the fastening point of the shell to the frame. (A solid floor and rear channel support should be sufficient to hold the point together.)

I think the reinforcement plate was just extra protection.

But none of these things will prevent problems ultimately if axles are worn (rough ride, bottoming out) and running gear is out of balance (excessive vibration, accentuated at the end of the "see-saw").

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