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LuminumTraila 01-28-2007 03:23 PM

Silver Sisters Online Rally
Just getting this thread going for all you Rivettes and other online silver sisters out there who want a central place for chat among the east, west, north, and south Airstreaming womenfolk.

I'm just getting the campfire going now, so anyone who wants to join in and offer a story, or song, come on along. I think Carol's going to do a jig or something for us. :D


Babeebloos 01-28-2007 04:10 PM

Some inspiration???
I was thinking that there might be a conversation among us where we can share some of our own personal growth with each other.
So many of us are single now, maybe retired, maybe widowed, or maybe even never married.
If one were never married she would be accustomed to her independence.
Being married, a woman can have her own independence still but must be still thoughtful of her husband or partner...and in my case it seemed I was always in the 'passenger' side of the know, the men are the ones in the 'driver's' seat! LOL...(or so 'they' think....;) )
Now being single, I'm the ONE....or nobody is...
I want to have FUN and I'm 'adventurous'...that's why I bought my Bambi.
I'm feeling very empowered by all this! I've only been to two rallies...the first I felt comfortable because I caravanned with Uwe who is quite knowledgable and happened to be very patient with me, guiding me along the road...GREAT! I was successful! WooooHooo!:clap: Then came my second Rally...and I was on my own! Sure I was a bit overwhelmed but I had pulled my little (BIG for ME!) Bambi behind and got to that feeling where I was comfortable with it following me so close, pulling off the exits from the freeway, changing lanes, pulling into a gas station :eek: ....the necessary things to do ...right???
So what made me comfortable enough to go on this second rally?
Knowing that someone there would have the knowledge and willingness to be of help with me setting up, unhitching, all the electrical cords, sewer:huh: hookups, leveling, etc ...gee...that's what rallies are for! Learning how to handle my Bambi and share in this joy of camping!
So I am now so grateful to have the FREEDOM to go where I want to go when I want without having to be by a man...(sorry Guys...) But I think that when WOMEN get together by themselves we experience that sense of walking without holding a hand...but still 'holding' a hand if you know what I mean Gals??? I think we become so accustomed to having a male there to fix things that we don't have the opportunity to feel that sense of exhileration by doing it ourselves. We need to get out there ...on our own, first with SISTAS, and then eventually by ourselves.
I just want to encourage ALL the wives out there, all the women who might not have payed enough attention to what the guys were doing to set up the trailer, that it's not THAT hard a thing to do! We are ROSIE RIVITERs !
So all you women, if you've never pulled, just somehow even if it's having your man hitch you up proper the first time, come on down to one of these Women's Regional Rallies...just pull straight to get there, and all the Sistas will be there for support and FUN...WE CAN DO IT!:bb: :bb: :bb:

Mrs. Tin Hut 01-28-2007 04:28 PM

Count me in girls. I'm more of a Gray Sister than a Silver Sister. Is that ok?

BamCamper 01-28-2007 05:10 PM

Absolutely Gray Sister! All sisters of any age, size, or status are most welcome. And I have to agree that this Airstreaming thing is not as difficult as it may seem. Read the forums and learn what you can and then just do it. Get lots of help the first time, less the second time etc. and pretty soon you'll be a champ. The guys didn't know what to do the first time either. It just takes practice. And do some "trial" runs in the driveway or the local park or campground. You can do it!

juel 01-28-2007 05:22 PM

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Great idea. Some of us are still working full time and this is our only way to "meet". about Airstream Sisters. I have the cute cream colored Airstream. Do have some silver hairs though....guess that counts. I was single since 1987 until Bob came along in 2002, say, I think that's when those silver hairs came along too. You know when you've been alone and independent for such a long time, getting use to the male mind is a little frustrating. Good thing Bob is such a sweet, loving person. I don't understand his thinking processes some times, but he's very sweet. He's a Construction Manager soooooooo there are loads of tools and lots of Argosy restoration expertise that came with him. And he loves camping in the Argosy as much as I do. Now that's a catch. A man with tools, who's sweet, loves to go camping, has a great job and does what I want with the Argosy.

tin sista 01-28-2007 05:55 PM

Hey sister(s) Go sister(s) tow sister(s)...
I love this thread! Kudos Jamie. whereyabeen Mrs. Tin Hut?:)

What a fun idea an online ongoing rally. :) Great thoughts expressed here.
So great to have this space to chat and share ideas!

I have been inspired seeing and meeting women who tow their Airstreams, like Carol(wheel in(terested), Michelle (thecatsandi), reading about Paula's adventures (Foiled Again), and of course seeing all the cool stuff in the rally threads women are putting together!

Happy to share in the Airstream sisterhood! Go girls!!:)

maxandgeorgia 01-28-2007 06:18 PM

Sitting here by the campfire with all of you, I'm relaxed and ready for Mrs. TinHut to share more of her experiences with life and Airstreaming. . .~G

LuminumTraila 01-28-2007 07:05 PM

Hiya, Debra! Thanks for getting us started. I'm married, but still have an independent streak from years of being on my own. I like doing things with the family, but I also like to know I can do it myself if I have to, and sometimes I just like to get away by myself. The family is really understanding (and, truthfully, they're probably ready to push me out the door some days. ;) ) The Airstream was actually my idea. I think I was looking for a room of my own, but with wheels. :D As it turns out, my room just happens to be a great family camper too.

Juel -- Oops, sorry about the 'silver' slipping in. Yeah, silver hair, that's what I meant! -- silver hair, or gray. Whichever it is, I've got plenty enough to qualify me as a silver sister. Argosys, mohos, all the Airstreaming sisters are welcome here!

Mrs. Tinhut -- So what's new with you and the Mr.?

Hey Bambcamper, TinSista, and Georgia -- glad to see you found your way over.

BamCamper 01-28-2007 07:29 PM

The campfire stories start...:D

I traveled from California to Alaska and back in my former SOB...a cute little round white Scamp trailer. I went all by myself except for my Golden Retriever for the 9000+ mile round trip. And I had never even trailered before. All went well and I had many adventures and took loads of great photos of awe inspiring scenery.

I used a lot of common sense like: Always stopping to set up camp before dark, always camping in actual campgrounds (rather than out in the wilderness alone or in isolated rest areas) and if the campground looked a little sketchy, I would just keep going. I never let my gas tank get close to empty (and I did carry an extra gas tank which I never had to use) and I carried jumper cables which I did use once.

People were very nice and helpful...especially to a solo traveler. I have heard of other solo women travelers using tricks like putting a large pair of man's boots outside the trailer at night or a large dog bowl even if you don't have a dog.

There is so much out there to explore and sometimes it is not possible for others to go with us. So just go! And with all these great people (men and women) on this forum, there are so many rallies where you end up in the company of other nice Airstreamers once you get there.


janetb 01-28-2007 07:34 PM

Ok, I'm in!:kiss: A terrific thread idea! :clap: Does this count as my first rally? Sure seems like an exceptional group of silver mavens!
Although I have one of those sweet, competent husbands, too (and funny thank God) I don't think 30 years of a good marriage has gotten in the way of a comfortable streak of independence. If anything, he encourages it, in both me and our "20 something" daughters. That made for some pretty good head-butting by stubborn women during those teen years! But well worth it.
However, I didn't marry until I was thirty, and my mantra to the girls has always been "You can live a terrific life on your own, and you only invite someone into it if they are going to add something positive." If they don't make it more fun, more interesting, more enjoyable, why bother? They're messing up your plan. And that loneliness thing? Far worse if you experience it with someone in the room.

wheel interested 01-28-2007 07:42 PM

Debra you really expressed the quest for independence and growth so eloquently. I think our internet rally is going to be wonderful. I will have to think a little harder for a more thoughtful response. And Georgia hand me another marshmallow, will you please? Seems the fire is just about right.

Ok, Jamie said I was going to do a jig, but I decided to share one of my most favorite production numbers with you instead. I may look a bit strange but I am sure you will be able to empathize with me.

production number

05ModPod 01-28-2007 07:49 PM

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Hi all you Silva Sistas.....from across north America and the rest of the world....lets Rally....

How about I provide the.......

BamCamper 01-28-2007 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by wheel interested
Ok, Jamie said I was going to do a jig, but I decided to share one of my most favorite production numbers with you instead. I may look a bit strange but I am sure you will be able to empathize with me.
production number

LOL! That could be me in the morning...
Pass me a marshmallow too please. I love s'mores!

Kevbo10 01-28-2007 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by Babeebloos
I was thinking that there might be a conversation among us where we can share some of our own personal growth with each other.
/// MASSIVE SNIP /// Debra


i agree w/ everything you wrote 1000%. i'll tell you why. it's from your heart. somtimes, boys, who are all about what you write, are unable to express that support without being taken the wrong way. so all i can do is "VIBE KARMA and SUPPORT YOUR WAY".



janetb 01-28-2007 07:56 PM

Carol, that was a wonderful production number! And Laurel what an amazing and inspiring adventure.
And Debra, I'm going to have my girls read your well-put observations of one who decided to no longer sit "shotgun".
I'm feeling pretty darn honored sitting around this campfire. But those s'mores could use a little more chocolate...

05ModPod 01-28-2007 08:01 PM

OMG Carol - that was way too funny and just perfect timing - some of the sistas here are getting a bit too Mushy.

I'm married hmmm coming up to our 25th next year - unfortunately no children - but that is life too man - he is great and all the other things we say about our guys - but he really is great, has the looks, has the job, has the talent and LOVES me to the ends of the earth as I do him. - okay that is enough mushy for me....

But I just gotta get out of here! and get me some "girl power".

someone pass me a drink please my glass is empty....and I just bought my new 1963 Globe Trotter today!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

wheel interested 01-28-2007 08:34 PM

Ok Sharon, I have my wine and I guess I'll take a real turn and show my mushy side this time. ;)

My husband and I will be married for 37 years, this 4th of July. We actually have been together for four more years since we met right out of elementary school. The one thing that I have never done is live on my own. Traveling in the Airstream gives me an opportunity to exercise some independence and develop self-reliance and confidence. Leaving travel plans open ended, I can make decisions that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to do. Sometimes I worry and sometimes I get into a minor jam of sorts, but mostly I am pleased to make my acquaintance, if you know what I mean. :) I may never really "find" myself, but the search is near euphoric. I especially love seeing the sun rise and set on the road during the "magic" hours. I not only see one awesome sight but it travels right along with me, ever changing and lighting up my world with the effect of wearing rose colored glasses.

Ok Sharon, time for more comic relief and another glass of wine. Who brought appetizers? I'm starving!

dieterdog 01-28-2007 11:39 PM

Hi Carol,,and all like minded, been a widow since 1990, raised 2 daughters,, got the Bambi in 2004,,, the Safari 2006,,, now,, that said, how do i conquer the great gas station fear while towing the 25?? have been in situations where no truckstops around and panic sets in as the E gets closer,,,do not say carry extra gas, as tow vehicle is enclosed,, gals,, help me out please! love my Streams and camping,, but,,, this fear is doing my independent self in,,,donna

05ModPod 01-28-2007 11:58 PM

If you can Tow It - You can PUMP it!
Looks like you are a night owl dieterdog- Donna:D Which I guess makes me one too at 1:44 am eastern standard time.

I have not done a lot of solo but Peter and I do share the driving about 50/50. We have the 21' and have taken two trips with the 26' attached to the 18' Yukon which makes us 39 and 41' respectively or in otherwords Loooonggggggg. But not as long as the 28, 34's out there.

Fear is driven by the notions of "unknown" and "unprepared". Know your rig and take a mental size of your total length pace it off in your head. Now scope out the pumps, the cars at the pumps, the cars waiting to go to the pumps, the area leading into the gas station and of course which side your hole is on.

Indicators and lots of lead time are great tools! If a lane to a pump is not open and you don't have the opportunity to do a loop around to fit on the otherside. Check out where you are exiting from - if there is more than one lane (which in the states there is usually 400 - opps sorry about that:brows: ) there is usually at least two - you can put your indicator on or your 4-ways and wait to pull into the gas station when the gas lane you need is open - without cutting anyone off.

People will go around you. Some may flip you the bird but who cares. Do you think these people who drive transport worry about the other guy - nope they got a job to do - well so do we - we got girl power and WE CAN TOW IT. And if we gotta wait for the darn pump then them there impatients can wait too....:bb: :bb: :bb: :bb: :bb:

I used to be able to say go to a parking lot on a Sunday - but I am not sure there is anywhere that the stores close on a Sunday. So how about a large Church parking lot say on a Saturday or during the week. Set up some pylons in the form of a simulated gas station - and practice pulling in off the road up to the pump and back out again.

Once you have that feeling of how "Big" you are and recognize the spots you can swing into - you will feel so much more confident and that is half the battle.

You Go Girl!!

juel 01-29-2007 05:26 AM

Worst case.... you could just find a parking lot, unhook the trailer, get gas in your tow vehicle and go hook the trailer up again. Hey, I've found myself in a situation or two that I couldn't get out of. I am horrible at backing, well let me correct that.....I just plain can't back. Can you say jack-knife? Had to be creative or just sit and cry for a minute and suck it up and get help. Still wouldn't give up the Airstream. I've got the DVD to show me how to back, but I think I'm backing challenged. I can pull the heck out of this trailer going forward. I can hook it up and unhook it better than my husband any day, he's the strong arm it type. Sooooo I can't back. Donna, keep after it, you'll find a way. You live in a great place to go camping.

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