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Joe1261 01-15-2007 11:30 AM

Vista View Windows

I am attempting to do some major work on my 73 Sovereign. I have removed all of the lower panels in the living room area. and removed part of the subflooring, which had several rotten spots. I then removed part of the upper panels and found the source of my leaks It seems that all of my Vista View Windows were leaking. The frames around them all look to be water tight. However the leaks are comming from the windows them self. I managed to remove all of the windows safely and without breaking any of them <whew>. One of the windows had a plexiglass interior cover with an aluminum ring around it. All the windows seem to clean up really well. I then cleaned the inside of the window frame as good as I could. However Iwas going to sand them down with some really fine sandpaper. Once I got that done I was going to relplace the windows by applying a bead of Sikaflex 221 to the inside of the window frame and a bead to the outside edge of the window. I have been doing alot of research on this forum and If I am not mistaken Sikaflex 221 is the best stuff to use to seal the windows.

However to do the floor replacement is going to be a real challenge. I may have to remove the bananna wrap below and slide it in from the outside. the frame seems to be in good condtion. but there are a few spots that have rusted through. I plan on taking a right angle grinder with a wire brush attachment and brush it off as good as I can get it and grind down any screws that broken off. I will then prime it and paint it. once I get all that done I am not sure what to put in the belly pan as insulation. I have read a alot of post on here and seen where someone had used stuff called bubble wrap. I seen something like that at Lowes. It was really thin I think around 1/8th inch thick. Would this stuff work as good as regular pink insulation?

Ok I think I rambled on enough


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