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FrankR 04-12-2002 03:37 AM

Small gas gen sets
Camping gen sets can be a great convenience or a real chore. Todays gasolines are blends for many reasons. These blends do not have a very long storage life. The number one fuel related problem is the gas stays a long time in the carb fuel bowl and turns to gum that is impossible to burn. The only solution to starting the engine is carb removal and a clean up. Here's a little trick that has been used for all engines not used every couple weeks. The best way to get fuel out of the bowl is to allow the engine to run out of gas. Gather together a piece of copper tubing or DOT nylon air brake line and a solid aircraft rivet about 3/4 to 1 inch long. At any place that is convenient between the fuel tank and the fuel pump, cut the 1/4 fuel hose. Insert half the length of tubing or nylon line into the hose end attached to the fuel pump. The solid rivet is pushed into the supply side of the cut hose. Start the gen set and allow the unit to use all the remaining fuel in the line and bowl. If the fuel is used, it cannot get gummy. When it is time to use the gen set, merely remove the rivet and connect the lines together. As there is no pressure only suction on the line, no clamps required. This methodology has been used with small airplanes for a very long time. When gas fuel has changed chemically, it will smell like shelac or paint thinner. Frank

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