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Silver Bullet 12-19-2002 10:47 PM

Frig replacement....
Well, after 4 yrs. of trying to find an original replacement for our '62 Overlander (to no avail) I have decided to go with a Dometic "Americana Series" RM 2551. Fit will be no problem, and I will be able to use the original side panel and formica top to boot. Any customization (if any) will be no problem. My question; Has anyone or does anyone have any expierence's with this model, good or bad? Oscar

Pahaska 12-19-2002 11:10 PM

Close, but not quite
I have the Americana series RM2452. Basically, they are all pretty much the same boxes except for size of the cooling unit and watts of the electric elements.

Mine has been really great. It cools down quickly and will freeze the refrigerator contents in mid-summer if I'm not careful. The only hitch is that the thermostat must be set to almost the off position to prevent things from freezing. I would expect that the thermostat should be at least half-scale to get the refrigerator portion below freezing.

Once I got used to where to set it, I can't fault it.

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