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empresley 12-24-2006 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by wheel in
Martin (empresley) Did you just write that poem for us?

If you own an Airstream ;) then yes, I wrote that for you.
Who would have thought; non-edible inspiration coming from an oven.

Thanks for the comments & Merry Christmas!,


ps Would you like an original Christmas poem with subtle reference to airstreams?

azflycaster 12-24-2006 10:14 AM

Many people overlook the fact that the oven is a multi use device.
  • It is used for cooking
  • It is a storage area
  • It is a smoke alarm tester:blush:
What else do you use your oven for?

mytehawk 12-24-2006 02:58 PM

I rarely use the oven because it's a 'through the wall into the bedroom' design of the 60's (?) and I'm too lazy to a.) take all the crap that's stored in front and on top of it out of the way and b.) take anything I didn't want overheated out of the cupboards above it. I don't think this was Airstream's best design decision.

lebolewis 12-24-2006 04:09 PM

Hot cornbread
Use mine all the time! How are you going to bake hot Cornbread if you don't use your oven?!! Nothing like hot cornbread and butter....with good soup! Bill

Ganglin 12-26-2006 12:17 AM

We just purchased our 71 in July. Recalibrated the oven - it was 75 degrees off. Now within 2 degrees.

I wouldn't be without out it. The potential is unlimited. First use after recalibration was an apple crumb pie (frozen) and passed it out to the kids camping next door - they were thrilled (another priceless camping smile).

For "robertsonmd" - found a replacement handle at Post's Trailer Supply here in Columbus. They dug it out of a dusty box in the attic and said they had a few more. Two holes were a perfect fit drilled two more with a 3/16th's bit - solid replacement.

Yumm cornbread....

empresley 01-02-2007 08:21 PM

2 Attachment(s)
DO WE USE OUR OVEN!?? You Betícha!

Our first ever standing rib roast prepared for our New Yearís Airstream Dinner.

4.5 hrs. at 200 degrees.
30 min. at 400 to brown.

Rested at 140 internal temp. for 30 mins. before carving.

This is our first use of the oven and it may have been it's first. This 1984 original looks brand new on the inside.

TIMETOGO 01-02-2007 08:39 PM

Thanks for the call. I would have drove all the way down just for the smell (and a little taste).

JimGolden 01-02-2007 09:07 PM

Frozen Pizzas Rule!
Well I've not used the one in my Excella yet. But when I was trying to decide if my family would even want to camp in a travel trailer, I borrowed my dad's "old" 1999 Terry 26 footer and we used the oven daily. Nothing like doing Red Baron pizza's in the oven to feed dear ol' dad and the hungry pack of children :)

The one in my '77 looks brand new too. So the string of PO's must not have used it much. They certainly didn't clean it up to look new, if the rest of the coach was any indication :brows:

C Johnson 01-03-2007 06:53 AM

How else would I bake Cinnamon rolls to eat while having my morning coffee ? Or biscuits to have with dinner.

I use my oven at least once or twice every trip out.

A hint to anyone who is going to use their oven in an older trailer.

Get an oven thermometer and check the temp to make sure it is close to what the dial says. They can be easily adjusted to get within range. Just an FYI. Mine was off 75 degrees.

jdalrymple 01-03-2007 10:41 AM

We love bread, cheese and wine. We use it everyday we're out.

Boondocker 01-05-2007 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by C Johnson
A hint to anyone who is going to use their oven in an older trailer.

Get an oven thermometer and check the temp to make sure it is close to what the dial says. They can be easily adjusted to get within range. Just an FYI. Mine was off 75 degrees.

How do you do that?

flyfshr 01-05-2007 03:01 PM

I can't remember a trip where we didn't use our oven. Besides, it makes a great storage area while traveling and since you have to open it to light it, you can't forget something is in there and catch it on fire. Our oven is original and Julie says it better to cook in and more accurate than our house oven and it's new. We have a couple of nesting dishtubs that fit in the sinks perfectly that ride in the oven while traveling and they're filled with all sorts of small items.

"Now we're cooking with fire, alright!"


Ganglin 01-06-2007 09:28 PM

Gen Disarray - see this link for adjusting the oven temp.

flitzwhopper 01-06-2007 10:02 PM

We use the overn to broil and bake. It works great!

Donna & MIke

GO Bob 01-06-2007 10:32 PM

I even carry a folding oven tent camping. My wife would not use the gas stove/oven the first couple of trips now I hear every time she cooks, When can I get a gas oven? I say, We have two, Lets go camping.

eikel1we 01-07-2007 02:04 AM

I use the 4 burner cook top but have not used the oven. I wanted to but we couldn't get it going. We've only camped several wknds. but since we may go south for a few wks. I plan to make use of it. Also, a PO installed a two shelf rack on the wall the other side of the range, above the foot of the twin bed, it was used for a TV. Our small micro fits well there while we're parked and takes up no precious space. If I had to choose, it would be the LP oven.

Alumi-Naught 01-07-2007 05:34 PM

Boy, Do I miss my oven from our 2002 Safari. I cooked homemade pizza, meatloafs, cookies, french fries, onion ring, and that's to name just a few. We used it every trip. We now own a 310 MH and all it has is a micro. Want to try and put an oven in place of the micro. Not sure if we can. But we're not ready for that project just yet.

gryphon 01-07-2007 06:30 PM

We don't have an oven in our airstream. Wish we did. We do have a combo convection/microwave and use it all the time. (been using a convection oven for 20 years in the house)


janetb 01-07-2007 09:20 PM

We absolutely do use our oven and love it. Nothing cooks quite like it does in "the big house" so I do lots of monitoring...but so far so good! Temp's not too far off, and when camping, I try to keep it simple and easy so I'll probably never put the oven to a real challenge--like that gorgeous rib roast!

kitchenclose 01-08-2007 02:28 PM

I renovated my 66 Caravel and took out the stove/oven. What a mistake! Too late now as the new cabinets are custom. It would have been nice to smell muffins baking.

My solution - Dutch Oven cooking. Still need to monitor the oven temp but I'm cooking outside. The plus with Dutch Oven cooking - You can feed an army cooking in one pot.:lol:

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