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SilverCabin 12-13-2006 09:49 PM

It's Home!
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Our new baby is home and safely tucked away too. Pat made me finish the Christmas Cards before I spent any more time posting things on the forum, so that’s why there was no news earlier this week.

I attached the acceptance checklist I used, which I made based on suggestions from slowolf and others, added a few items specific to the 23 footer, and some things I was wanting to see and do before driving off. When we arrived on Friday, it was set-up with all systems operating and the awning deployed. Our sales person and one of their delivery technicians took us all around the trailer pointing out what everything was and demonstrating how it operates. We then did the same on the inside of the coach. After that, we pulled out the checklist and went over anything that wasn’t covered. There wasn’t much that we didn’t already verify. As far as we could tell, the trailer was defect free. We had been at the dealership about three hours now.

We took a lunch break while they did the hitch and brake controller work on the truck. After lunch, they demonstrated the hitch procedures and set-up the brake controller. After a few more questions, signing the final paperwork, and receiving the Airstream briefcase stuffed full of manuals, we drove off. Two pictures below were taken after we completed the inspections and just before we left the dealer.

I reported on the transits from the dealer to campground to home on SilverGate’s Equal-i-zer thread (see post #90). Bottom line is that I’m very pleased with the performance of the truck-hitch-trailer package. The hitch is noisy though, but I now know that you can lube it and it quiets down. I’ll do that for my next trip.

To get familiar with the trailer, we drove back roads from the dealer to the Kissimmee KOA. That was about a two-hour trip. At the KOA we took a pull-thru site as it was getting late and I wanted to experience backing-up in a little more space without as many eyes on me. We un-hitched, and Pat began moving everything we had in the truck into the trailer, while I did the outside set-up. No problems outside, but getting the inside organized with all our stuff took a while. The 23’ is a little challenged for countertop space. We knew this going in, but moving in and cooking our first meal was a learning experience. We’ll see how we do on our next trip. Finally, a little later than we planned, we popped open the bubbly and enjoyed a nice dinner in our new home away from home. We had rented RV and watched it that night to check out the AV upgrade, and see how not to dump the sewage.:sick:

Here are the four minor items we found on our first weekend of use:
1. Airstream didn’t complete caulking the shower door. After the first shower, we discovered a mysterious puddle on the floor, and traced it to a leaking shower door. Fixed that when we got home.
2. There was a screw missing from the door threshold that let the piece rise up from the floor. Fixed that when we got home.
3. There is a trapezoidal shaped piece of felt glued to the doorframe that completes the bug seal when using the screen door. That was not aligned properly. I used a hair dryer to heat it up and soften the glue so that it could be moved into alignment. It’s a little loose now, so I may have to re-glue it in place.
4. The ceiling “oil cans” at the street side rear corner of the rear ceiling vent (only place I found this). This makes the trim ring drop about a half an inch out of alignment with the vent assembly at that corner because it is screwed to the aluminum ceiling. I took the trim off to see if it could be fixed, but there is nothing in that area to take the slack out of the ceiling panels, no frame members, etc. I put this on my warranty list.

One disappointment to a home theater hobbyist like me was that the AV upgrade installs a 19” HDTV. The video from the DVD player however, comes over on an NTSC video (the yellow wire) cable. The DVD player doesn’t have any component or s-video outputs, so it’s a standard definition DVD player. I took the access panel off to look behind the player and encountered a “rat’s nest” of wires and cables. The television manual also says the TV has an HDMI input, but the one in my package only has a blank panel where it’s supposed to be. It doesn’t have an HD receiver, so the only way you can view HDTV is if you install a satellite receiver or cable set top box.

We did get a pretty good quality picture on the television from the DVD, antenna, and cable hook-up. The multi-disk CD player, sub-woofer, FM radio, and remote speakers all performed very nicely.

We spent Saturday reading all the manuals, and making trips to the close by Camping World to pick up things we discovered we needed. If you get a sewer hose in your starter kit, pitch it. The one we got was a cheap 10mil hose that sprung a leak the first time we used it. We replaced it with a good quality 18mil hose from Camping World.

Other than the proximity to camping supply and grocery stores, the other reason we camped in Kissimmee, FL is that we have seasonal passes to Disney World and went there on Saturday to enjoy the lights. We tried to get into Disney’s Fort Wilderness campground, but they were full.

Pack-up and hitch-up on Sunday was without incident. We had a few laughs over how to guide the driver to put the ball under the hitch, and were successful on the third approach. The pull back home was on the Florida toll roads and I-95. Again, everything performed beautifully.

We arrived at home, fixed the few items I mentioned, unloaded, which was much easer than loading, and gave it a clean up. A few of the neighbors came by to have a look, lots of complements. We took a few more pictures, sat in it and enjoyed a beer, and sadly took it to its storage facility.

Our next trip is to the Florida Can Opener Rally in January. We can hardly wait.

wheel interested 12-13-2006 10:08 PM

Congratulations Randy and Pat! Looks like a great unit and I love your pictures!

Thanks for sharing your first experiences. Looks like Santa was very very good to you. :)

2airishuman 12-13-2006 10:10 PM

hi happy new parents!

nice report and the photos are great....

those lincoln trucks look good in front of an airstream...

i keep hoping they will do a superduty lincoln...

that piece of fuzzy stuff on the door frame is just velcro fuzz tape

2 pieces stuck together...

that model sony tv has a very good picture, i'm not sure hd would look any better given the pixels...

i look forward to seeing your new trailer next month!


safari57 12-13-2006 10:13 PM

Great pics Randy and Pat. Thank you for sharing them, and the review. It's neat to see and hear what transpires when folks get a new unit. Yours is gorgeous. A great way to end the year.


Silvertwinkie 12-13-2006 10:36 PM

Very nice lookin' unit. I still say that if that unit was availible when we moved from a 19' Bambi, that would have made the choice fairly difficult.

Congrats on your new Airstream!

janetb 12-13-2006 10:36 PM

Hooray hooray! Doesn't it feel wonderful to finally have ownership? Your photos are great--of all of you!--and we look forward to more in the future.
Happy trails from another still-ecstatic new owner. Isn't cloud 9 a nice place to be?

str8strm 12-13-2006 11:01 PM

That is beautiful. Have fun!

Roscinante 12-13-2006 11:03 PM

Great looking rig! Congratulations.


claybags 12-13-2006 11:12 PM

Alright!!! Another happy customer. Looks REAL good. I do like these black tow vehicles. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Have a silver holiday and happy camping!
Cheers, Jeff

SilverGate 12-14-2006 12:43 AM

Heartfelt Congratulations!
Congratulations Randy and Pat on your new gorgeous baby…
The beautiful 2007 23’ Safari SE LS!

And congratulations on finishing those Christmas cards!

Thank you for posting your detailed report… and such beautiful photos!
Thanks also for posting your New Trailer Inspection/Punch-list…
I will use it when I take delivery of my 2007 23’ Safari SE LS.
I placed factory order on Nov. 22 and await confirmation of build date.
Thanks for posting your hitch experience in my thread in Community Polls.
Glad your 10,000#/1000# Equal-i-zer Hitch performed "extremely well".
Glad to hear there were only a few minor build issues…
Incomplete caulking of the shower door is a common and frequent issue…
Why can’t the factory ensure that this is done right the first time?
Thanks for the suggestion to get the better quality 18-mil sewer hose.

Thanks, 2air’, for the reassurance of the quality of the 19" Sony LCD.
Thanks, Silvertwinkie for the reminder that you might have chosen this one…
If it were available when you were replacing your 19’ Bambi.

Well Randy and Pat… I share in your excitement… Congratulations!

Happy Holidays!

overlander63 12-14-2006 01:03 PM

That's a great looking little coach!
I saw in your post it has a lack of kitchen counter space, and I have a lightweight, space-saving suggestion:
Pick up an aluminum slotted TV tray, and open it up when you are trying to cook. It will almost double your counterspace, and cleans easily. It also folds up to something about 4" flat, you could then put it out of the way when not in use.

Streamer1 12-14-2006 02:42 PM

Wow! Love that Black-Silver Combo! Looking Good!!!

dbradhstream 12-14-2006 03:53 PM

Looks awesome - great pictures.

And WOW, once you went all out hanging those Christmas lights on it it really looks different!

Antique Pedaler 12-14-2006 04:55 PM

Glad to see another Happy 23 Safari owner. We've spent the day loading ours and are heading so far south people will be asking, "what's that electrical plug sticking out of your pickup grill for.

With 1,400 miles already on the trailer I went around it with a wrench and screw driver. Sure enough a number of screws were just a tad loose. Of particular interest were those attaching the hinges to the Safari fibre doors and shelf covers. Our son with an '05 30' bunkhouse had a couple of hinges strip out because they were loose.

So as far as we can tell, we're ready to go.

ArtStream 12-14-2006 09:52 PM

What a beautiful set-up!
Congratulations, as visions of Airstream's dance over your heads:)


TinShack 12-14-2006 10:28 PM

What a beautiful rig. I really like the way the tinted windows of the AS compliment the black Lincoln TV. What an excellent taking delivery report too. Sounds like everything went well.

As you use it you will probably find other things that aren't quite right. I just took mine in after 6 months to have a few minor things dealt with under warranty, such as drawers that fly out while towing, broken pantry rack, water not as hot as it should be...etc. I also had the wheel bearings repacked while it was there. It's easier for me to have everything taken care of at once. My local authorized AS service center (SkyRiver) has been really good to work with, and Airstream is really good about taking care of warranty issues too.

Enjoy your new toy!

SilverCabin 12-18-2006 08:17 PM

Many Thanks
We just wanted to post a big THANK YOU to everyone for all the congratulatory complements, tips, and suggestions. We are anxious to get it out of storage and use it again in a couple of weeks. Have to get this Christmas thing done first:santa: .

It's great to be a member of this forum. We've learned so much, and will hopefully be able to respond and help others too. We look forward to meeting many of you on the road some day soon.

Sugarfoot 12-18-2006 08:30 PM

Wow, that rig is fabulous! Its going to be great to meet ya'll at the Florida Can Opener. I'm sure you know everyone will want a tour. :)

SilverCabin 12-18-2006 09:05 PM

Come on over. Site 114 on the corner.

Devoman 12-18-2006 10:51 PM

I like your setup.It goes really great with your vehicle.Isnt black just a beautiful color to go with the silver?I had a black vehicle previously but now I have a gold one.I think it is nice but nothing like my black one.See you at the rally and have a great and safe trip.

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