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oldvws 12-14-2002 01:57 PM

old style 50s window screens ???WHERE?
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does anyone know if this style window screen is still available ?
and under what name ?

I was used for station wagon side windows to cut down the heat,
I am not sure if it was ever used in Airstreams but I think it would work nice.

Any ideas ?

Pahaska 12-14-2002 02:10 PM

Long time, no see
Back before cars had AC, I used to have a set of those shades and a comma-shaped evaporative cooler that hung in the car window. The cooler would put out a pretty good cool breeze when the outside humidity was low and the car was at speed. Every few miles, my wife would pull the string on the evaporative cooler to rotate the matting and bring up more water.

It kept us alive, if not terribly comfortable, through three Texas summers.

On my SOB Scamp, I tinted the windows myself with a neutral tint. Made a whopping difference in the AC.

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