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wannaroam 11-14-2006 12:27 PM

where's the leak?
How do you figure out where your unit is leaking from? I have a leak at the front corner on both sides. Looking at this area I don't see any obvious source; no apparent seams loose or rivets. I realize that it can be coming from further away and running in the walls.

How do you figure this out? And after buying an older AS which has not been kept up well, what all should be done as far as sealing/re-sealing?

Chuck 11-14-2006 01:05 PM

They can be tough to pinpoint, for sure, but some typical spots in the front are the marker lights and the windows. anything attached to or sticking out from the trailer up there could be leaking. (radio antenna? etc...).
I'd put a fresh bead of parbond on every seam in the endcaps, and the first main bow. also, the seams in the front lower panels, above the a-frame.

another common leak is at the "rub rail"...the molding that covers the joint between the banana wraps and the skins. If water gets behind that molding on some trailers, it gets dumped right onto the plywood floor. just go around the perimiter of the trailer, and gently push on the outer skins just above this molding. anywhere you can make a gap by pushing...seal it up w/ parbond.

Daedalus 11-14-2006 02:17 PM

Roof Vents?
You should also look at roof vents as a potential source (especially for wind driven rain or when towing in the rain). The weatherstrip can become dry and then crack which will allow leakage. They should be checked/replaced as a part of your normal maintenance system (every 5 years or so?).

Good luck - look at it on the bright side, it's better than a leaky boat.:chris:

wannaroam 11-14-2006 02:47 PM

On something like a roof vent should you try and get off any old caulking? And what would you use for it?

At least I know that it isn't the rub rail or the first set of rivets as we have the lower panel of the inside skin off and we can see it coming down the inside wall from higher up somewhere.

rebel beck 11-14-2006 08:29 PM

The best way for us to find a leak was use a water hose, We had a leak around the curbside right corner when my husband ran the hose around the edge (bingo) we found it. As stated above the belt line.

wannaroam 11-15-2006 11:07 AM



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