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moosetags 11-08-2006 08:21 AM

Set-up & Break-down Tips
I recently began using garden hose quick-connects on my city water and black tank flush hose connections. I am also using them on my "Y" hose connector to the city water supply. I now use these on every hose connection and have found that it is a significant improvement over screwing on the hose attachments, especially in the dark.

I am passing this on and asking that others please pass on time and effort saving tips for making and breaking camp.

maxandgeorgia 11-08-2006 08:49 AM

Maybe sounds silly, but put colored plastic clothes pins (red or blue) on "littles" that you need to remember so that you see these easily as you do your ready to go survey of the interior. For example, it's easy to forget your antenna is up, so place one on the ceiling handle. It works; you'll notice it! Another place for clips is on the leather holding tabs for the sliding doors separating the bath from other areas. If not secured back, these will slide and bang enroute. A red clothespin helps you remember to snap them shut. You might also clip some to curtains at windows that you've opened to remember to latch them shut. I'm sure there are other useful places to clip a reminder, but these are some sure ones. (Granted, most of you don't need as much reminding as I do!) ~G

joecodi 11-08-2006 11:47 AM

Pre-Travel List
It is easy to miss an important to-do item prior to travel to or from a trip.
I have compiled a comprehensive list for all our needs, and a check list for all must dos. It is updated as needed from time to time, especially when needs change.

While the list is highly personalized (in Microsoft Word form), it could easily be modified for other's needs.

I would be glad to send it to anyone interested.

J. Codispoti

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