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barbwire 11-29-2002 07:28 PM

Correct speaker placement, radio antenna, etc.
Hi All,

Thought I would put this as a seperate thread. My radio antenna is not original, and is on the street side but not as close to the window as the manual shows. Keep in mind there are many different floor plans for the various models and sizes of Argosy. I will bet the radio antenna was located near the radio location, but I have no way of knowing. Right now I am using the TV antenna with a 20db booster to pick up PBS radio 100 miles away. The booster does not seem to pass an AM dignal. Need to check more on that.

I have done some checking, and the mystery wires above the sink in the overhead compartment are speaker wires. So this would be the location of the original radio- 8 track tape player. Charlie Burke could only find the location of the front speakers though. Here is what he had to say, "The chart shows only front speakers both right and left. Using the joint between the flat ceiling metal and the curved plastic end liner the wires are located 42" off the floor and 6" forward of the joint. This is the same location as our 22' Argosy."

We know there are four pairs of wires there though. Those other two go somewhere.

This is where they would cut into the skin and mount the speakers if you chose the sound option. The wires above the sink end up at these locations. Now if we could just find the rear speaker location. The only tip I have is that Airstream liked to hide the speaker grill with the edges of the curtains. The front speakers tend to be centered on the front windows.

Please, if anyone has a clue about the location of the rear speakers I would like to know. I would like to put in a nice sound system. Maybe even XM radio. What was the dimension of the original speaker grill? Any info would be appreciated. If I get enough info I am going to drill into the skin and fish around for the wire.


'77 Argosy Minuet 6 Metre

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