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TomR 10-05-2006 09:19 AM

Disc Brakes?...2005 Classic Limited w/Slide
Hi All…Does a 2005 30’ Classic with the Limited package and a slide-out come with disc brakes? The invoice shows drum brakes as the “standard”…but I was wondering if either the Limited package or the slide-out feature added disc brakes…I am guessing NOT? If not...what year was disc brakes added?

Tom R in Two Harbors, MN

P.S. What about Aluminum wheels?...included in the Limited Package?...what is in the Limited package?...TMR

2airishuman 10-05-2006 12:02 PM

hi tomr

if the invoice shows drums that is how it came.

do you know the build date for the unit?

discs became an option later in the 05 production.

mine was built mar/april and was a very early disc brake unit.

the disc brake option added another 2-4k$ to the sticker depending on axle count.

axles were also uprated so the late model 05s have a higher load carrying capacity...

toward the 05 year end all classics may have been ordered with discs...

so check the build date. if before march 05 these changes are unlikely.

as for the 'limited' package, search 2005 and limited. there are many posts on this issue and a couple that detail every item in the limited upgrade. along with long exchanges as to the value of the total package...

as i recall...jackets, hats, burgundy awnings/trim, acrylic door handle, larger lp gas bottles, hickory woodwork, solid wood tables, gold bathroom fixtures, electric jacks (std with slide units already), a flag box, matching zip dee chairs and a few other bits.

i like both the discs and the ltd woodwork.

all 05 classics came with the 5 spoke alcoa wheels; much nicer than the current stock wheel.


TomR 10-05-2006 09:46 PM

Thakns for all the info...Copy of Invoice I have is missing the date section...but it appears to have been faxed Sept 29, very early 2005. Likely no disc brakes...Tom R in Two Harbors

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