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thundercakes 09-12-2006 10:56 AM

Filling freshwater tank, newcomer needs help!

I have had my '71 29' Ambassador for 4 months and am finally ready to take it on the first trip in a few weeks. So far I have only used the city water inlet and last weekend I wanted to test out and sanatize the fresh water tank. I attached the hose to the fresh water inlet, located on the door side of the trailer under the kitchen window, and within seconds the tank starts to expand, bulging the interior floor! It seems that there isn't any air vent to allow the air inside the tank to escape, or the vent isn't working properly. Also, I am certain the tank isn't full as I drained it before starting this process. I am new to all this, am I not filling the tank properly or is there a trick I should know. I searched the forums but infortunately I am still confused.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

cameront120 09-13-2006 10:05 PM

Perhaps if you have the galley or bathroom sink faucet opened, air will be able to escape. I would double check if the tank is full or not first. Open all your drain valves throught the trailer and see if any water comes out. Or, turn on the pump and turn on a faucet and see if any water comes out. Good luck!

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