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DanB 09-08-2006 06:55 AM

Moving an AS without a TV
I live on a very small lot, and my 1970 Safari is currently partially sitting in my neighbors yard. It is off the edge of my driveway about a foot. He has a very nice yard, and keeps it up. If I move my trailer completely onto my drive, I will not be able to open the door!

If I were able to "pull in" my drive instead of backing in, I wouldn't have the problem. But, there is not room between the houses to get my truck out.

I've seen the hand dollys with the large tires at harbor freight. Doe's anyone have experience with "hand-pulling" a trailer of this size? Any other suggestions?


john hd 09-08-2006 06:57 AM

lawn tractor with a ball on it?


summerkid 09-08-2006 07:04 AM

I've shoved my 16' Bambi a coupla feet by myself, on a flat pad. Wasn't pretty, but surely a few strong men could move a Safari? Maybe using a winch if necessary?

azflycaster 09-08-2006 07:16 AM

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Hand pulling, 2 tons? You need this guy. We had a hand dolly with our 1/2 ton popup a few years ago. It was fine for that, but your trailer is 4 times the weight.

clancy_boy 09-08-2006 07:50 AM

You COULD.....
And I am reluctant to offer this up, but you COULD use a block (pully) to pull your trailer forward. How you would get it around to get it out would be another issue.

So, you would need an anchor point at the end of your drive, attach a cable to the front end of the trailer (at the hitch) then through the block and back under your trailer to your tow vehicle. Move the trailer SLOWLY, and you must have a wheel on the level jack. This would get it in but to get it out would be another issue. I have used my 4wheeler to move my Caravel but not far.

B25guy 09-08-2006 07:55 AM

floor jack?
I've moved my tandem flat-bed trailer using a garage floor jack. Takes someone (or two) pushing in the right places and one to steer the jack.

Really depends on the driveway slope though.


3Ms75Argosy 09-08-2006 08:15 AM

Don't get a hernia!
Some other ideas - a front mounted receiver (for a ball mount) so you can "push" your trailer in.

I have a "power Caster" that I use to back my boat trailer into my side yard (and small hill). I live in a townhouse type complex - no way I can negotiate the sharp turns with my van and boat - but the powercaster makes it a snap!

Just an aside - I'd do something quick - I'd hate to make the neighbor upset.
Good luck!

bjond 09-08-2006 08:15 AM

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Consider a powermover like I have IF the dolly will stay on cement (no grass or gravel) and there's no or very small grade. I use mine to push/pull trailers around a corner to the back side of my garage to to put them in the garage.

3Ms75Argosy 09-08-2006 08:16 AM

That's it!
I have the single wheel version for my 3500# boat. Best purchase I've done!

bsharpe 09-08-2006 08:53 AM

Our AS has to sit in a tight spot in our yard, there was no way for our TV to get it in there. We look at powercaster/movers, but they don't like gravel. So, for a little more we got a 1952 Ford 8N tractor from a local farmer who was about to develop his land (goodbye farm) with a hitch receiver/adapter. It's great. Our AS is very heavy, but the little tractor moves it fine. The kids love to be pulled around in the little wagon/trailer that came with it. Make me feel like I'm on Green Acres. :)

Shacksman 09-08-2006 09:44 AM

I pull my 67 Safari into a garage so that the door is on the side that lines up with the inside garage door. I have to drop the trailer far enough outside that I can get the truck out of the way. I put a dolly wheel on the jack post then use a come along and cable fastened to the back wall of the garage. Usually I only have to tighten the cable then push sideways on it and the trailer will roll forward. Once on the cement floor I can easily pull the trailer in. To get it out I just put a strap on the bumper and pull slowly with the truck till it's far enough out to hook up. Only would try this on level ground, can't imagine chasing down a runaway.

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