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COArgosy78 11-20-2002 03:27 PM

Calendar idea
Hello everybody - I have been following the thread(s) about the AS Forum member sticker and can't wait to see when we will vote!!

I had another thought related... after the sticker art is a done deal, I wondered if we could use it and the online AS forum calendar to create a calendar to use in our trailers. Withforum sticker art on the front and then maybe use some of our wonderful pictures of our trailers in various settings (rallies, balloon festivals, favourite camping places) for the months, or even, every day. I know we wouldnt get to use all the pictures in one calendar, but if it caught on we might have one every year. Not too big, hang on wall or desktop? With the AS forum online calendar all the important dates would be available even on the road. I don't know how much time/effort it would take to transfer the computer images and calendar info to an actual hold in your hands calendar, but it sure would be fun to have and rather than just any old AS calendar, this would be one that we can all have a part in and relate to. So what do you all think...!!!! Leigh:) :confused: :)

ALANSD 11-21-2002 11:45 AM

nice idea...maybe we can use the photos from "now lets see you" thread....might be a bit scary though.:)

Rog0525 11-21-2002 04:20 PM

Create your own calendar
1 Attachment(s)
Leigh, I liked the idea of an AS calendar and proceeded to make my own. Anyone can do it. Here's how:

1. Right click on the image below
2. Copy and save it
3. Use your photo editor to change the size to 961x1212 pixels
4. Copy the new image to your Paint program
5. Select the photo you want to use (640x480), copy and paste it over my image
6. Print

I am in the process of making monthly calendars and will post them here when finished.
Have fun. :)


Rog0525 11-21-2002 10:30 PM

Need a past or future calendar?
The link below has calendars for any year between A.D. 1582 and 10,000. Scroll down to "Where can I find a calendar for (some specified period)?"[/URL]

Rog0525 11-21-2002 10:39 PM

Monthly make-your-own calendars
The monthly calendars are ready for anyone to get creative with.
They can be edited to show rally dates, etc.
Printed size will be 8 1/2" x 11".

COArgosy78 11-22-2002 09:22 AM

Rog - Thanks for posting your info on the site for calendars. That looks like the ideal place to begin.

If I am understanding you correctly, I can take any of the many wonderful AS forum pictures from the members photo albums and create my own unique calendar?!! Correct? Can I also use the AS forum online calendar for important dates, or would I need to use it as reference and transfer those dates to the Yahoo calendar?

I really appreciate you taking the time to give exact instructions. It took me awhile to work up nerve to get our trailer photos onto photo gallery - I am not the best computer wizardess - (my husband had to do the changes to get photos to jpg form), but I am geared up to try this!! It will be fun to hear if others try this out too and what they come up with for ideas. I guess many of the outstanding quotes and funny thoughts could be included too, huh?!! These might make cute stocking stuffers for friends and family, if it can be done soon. Thanks again, this is such a unique place:) Leigh

Rog0525 11-22-2002 10:14 AM

Re: Exciting
Yes Leigh, you can use any photo or graphic that has a pixel size of 640x480 or less and is in either .jpg or .gif format and you can add text and color as you wish. There is room to add other small images or graphics. You will need to set the 4 print margins at .38".
You can make as many as you want and design each differently to suit your fancy. They will be your own creation and you will need to fill in and maintain your own data.
These make nice pass-outs for anyone who has a business.
I'll be curious to see what fancy artwork other Streamers come up with. A holiday theme would be nice on the December calendar. Have fun! :D


ALANSD 11-22-2002 11:25 AM

nice idea, thanks for doing that. i will have some fun making it my own...:)

InsideOut 11-22-2002 12:10 PM

I think personalized calendars are a great idea!
My only suggestion is:

If you would like to use other folks photos in your calendar, you should probably ask permission biggie, I'm sure most people would be honored. However, some photos may carry copyrights...I have several posted that could not be used for something like this. :(

Shari :)

COArgosy78 11-22-2002 04:24 PM

trouble in paradise
Hi Shari - I am glad you like the idea, along with everybody else responding to thread. I agree with your thought - I DO NOT want to make "unhappy campers" of the AS Forum family only BUDDIES!!;)

Rog - I tried my first go-round - not successful. I pulled up your Yahoo site, clicked on thumbnail, right clicked to copy/save. My photo editor is Photo Studio 2000SE which wouldn't let me change 961x1212 more like 961x1258 (calendar part looked somewhat fuzzy. From then on it was downhill. Could not find anything on Photo Studio about paint so minimized that and went to Microsoft Paint icon, that would not come up and disconnected me from internet???? Is that the wrong paint program, is there another?? That is all I could find, so where (if you know) am I going wrong?? Help!!! I am psyched to do this, but such a bumbler:confused: :rolleyes: :confused: Leigh

Rog0525 11-22-2002 05:17 PM

Try this, Leigh
The image size has to be 961x1212 in order to fit. Look at your photo editor again. There should be a little white box with
"Preserve Aspect Ratio" or words to that effect. Click on it to remove the checkmark and then type the size in. The image will appear fuzzy on your screen but will print out fine.
I use the Microsoft Paint program that came with my pc. I don't know what icon you are clicking but the best way to access it is to click the Start menu at the bottom right of the screen then click /Programs/Accessories/Paint each in that order.
Hang in there, it really does work. Private message me if you still have probs. Good luck.


COArgosy78 11-23-2002 11:43 AM

RE: Try this
Hi Rog - I will have to post again later today, I have not had a chance to retry your instructions. I think something may be wrong with my paint program, cause your posting says the sequence that I followed - I went to Microsoft Paint using the Start, Programs, Accessories, but when I tried to access, it gave me an error and shut me down on internet. Maybe if I get the exact wording of the error, you can tell me if it has happened to you and what I can do to correct?

I have asked this question on another thread, but maybe you can give your nickle's worth. I see so many creative ideas here using the pics of trailers and modifiying them. For instance, there is a pic of a motorhome where they have recently added a Santa hat or yours with the AS being pulled by the reindeer. Is special software used to create that image and can those kind of pictures be transferred to a calendar and printed? I am just hoping that it can and that I will have permission to use. It would have a place of honor in "Mini" and our home. Thanks again for your help. Leigh:p

Rog0525 11-23-2002 12:26 PM

Hi Leigh
The short answer is that no special software is needed to create or modify images. But before you can do anything else, you need to get your Paint program working and then get familiar with it. Try this link and let me know if it helps:

Rog0525 11-23-2002 02:24 PM

PS: You can do it without the Paint program.
If you just want to replace the photo of my AS with your photo to make your calendar, you can do that with just your photo editor:

1. Click the yahoo thumbnail to enlarge.
2. Right click the image, copy and save.
3. Change image size to 961x1212
4. Outline and then "cut" my photo
5. Paste your photo (640x480)

I suggested using the Paint program because that would allow you to add artwork, colors, etc.

COArgosy78 11-23-2002 02:32 PM

No Go
Well Rog - I went thru the steps listed on your Yahoo link, it showed MSpaint to be cked. So then I uncked it and tried going thru Yahoo link steps to readd program. NO GO.... same error came up when I went to paint. The error reads "MSpaint has caused error in MFC42DLL. MSpaint will now close". Bummer deluxe!! Got any thoughts?? I really want this to work. Do you think I will have to reinstall all MS programs? Anybody else got a brain blip??? Help!! Losin it... Leigh:(

Rog0525 11-23-2002 02:56 PM

Re: No Go
This link gives step by step instructions on how to resolve yoor Paint program error:

I hope that helps.

COArgosy78 11-23-2002 04:32 PM

Kudos to you
Rog - I think that this will solve the problem. Thank you for your patient soul!! I see success in the forecast, although it says we are due for 4-6" of snow here tonite. I'll keep you updated. Leigh :p

Rog0525 11-26-2002 09:45 AM

I changed the template for the yearly 2003 calendar so it will print more clearly and match the monthly calendars.

COArgosy78 11-28-2002 12:40 PM

Looks good
Thanks Rog - We are working on transferring some stuff off of this computer - I think it has become overloaded. Just reloaded paint program and hopefully will get a chance to try out this weekend. I will get this yet!!!! Happy Turkeys Day! Leigh:p

CJsTs 11-29-2002 08:11 PM

Hi all.

If you don't mind my saying so, the .jpg calendar image you uploaded is too compressed to allow enlarging to the size specified. Artifacting is already evident on the small scale image and becomes even more so when enlarged.

Just about any picture publishing program and most paint programs have at least one or more calendar templates available. All you need do is navigate to the program folder and load it up. From there you can add photos, change text, etc. fairly easily.

It helps if you know your program ahead of time but a calendar project is an easy, fun way to learn.

Adding your own photo is easy but understand when you enlarge a bitmapped image (which is what all scanned images are) it becomes pixelated at best, unless it was originally scanned in at a very high dpi (dot per inch) to begin with.

As an alternative, you can also scan the picture larger than you need it, then reduce it to the desired size in your paint program.

Load both images (calendar template from your program) and File>Import your scanned photo into the calendar image.

Have fun!

Just my 2 cents. Anybody got change?

Happy Holi-daze!:D

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