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CaddyGrn 08-25-2006 10:51 PM

The joys of camping...
Well, we have gone through the whole gamit as well... no need repeating any of that. The one camping "experience" I haven't seen is camping from an airplane. We used to have a 4 seater plane. One of my "fondest" :huh: camping memories was the time we flew from central California to Vancouver, British Columbia for the World's Fair in 1986 (I think it was...). Camping from an airplane is often more spartan than backpacking... severe weight limits. Camping at the airports is unique as well. Food preparation is next to nil, it is either granola bars or walk to a restaurant. Anyway, the ground was hard, we all had lack of sleep, and restrooms were often closed at 10:00 p.m. until the next work day. :blush: Oh, I forgot to mention we were traveling with our son, who was almost 5 at the time.... I was the quintessential not so happy camper.

On another note, we have never had anyone tell us we have too many creature comforts. But we probably look like geriatric hippies... so maybe folks are uncomfortable approaching us with that concept...:lol:

I agree wholeheartedly with Azflycaster, camping out in the forest is a HUGE difference from camping at one of those cement RV parks. However, as we age our needs and requirements do change.... :p

Mrs. NorCal Bambi (traveling in S Tardis)

william Haym 08-25-2006 11:19 PM

Yes I like having my microwave, yes camping ,ha,ha!!!
It doesn't matter what you call what we are doing (camping)!!!
The point is!!!!!! Are we having fun!!!!! That's it.

codybear 08-25-2006 11:42 PM

Ok, I admit I'm totally spoiled now after having had our Safari for 20 years!..I was city raised, I thought 'camping' was everything related to being a Camp Fire Girl in my teen years!..that nice supervised outings w/the leader and 12 other girls, sleeping in our sleeping bags, finding bits of kinkdling to make a campfire so that we could toast hot dogs and make s'mores..that's my recollection of 'camping'..

Fast forward to the 70's when I married and learned what 'camping' was all about w/my husband and later w/the kids..we 'camped' or slept: in the back of our old '74 pick up..then after getting tired of that old song, graduated to a Sears hillary tent built for 6, carrying around my little porta potty I got from Best Products (they're no longer in business), I felt I was rich to own that, instead of having to use those awful out-houses. And when we took our trip all the way north to Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, we put up, took down, put up, took down that tent that got wetter and wetter as the week went by due to all that rain!..then we gave that up and started renting little cabins, cool w/fireplaces, kitchenettes and bathrooms..but not really 'camping'..

Then finally, our luck changed for the better, no make that the best..the in-laws gave us their -64 Safari, (they moved up to a Overlander) and no way now 20 years today would I go back to tent camping and the porta potty!..give me my built in toilet, refrig, shower, stove and oven, microwave, firm mattress, storage space, dinette and all the other comforts of home, now that's my idea of 'camping'.

And the best part of it all, I can honestly say no one yet has ever come up to me and given me any negative comments about our 'camping' in an Airstream trailer..they all instead, want to come inside and see it all for themselves...we've met so many who say they want to get and Airstream too..we get notes left on our doors frequently from people who will leave their name and phone number and say they'd like to buy it from us and ask what the price is! I call that a compliment to our way of camping!

john hd 08-26-2006 02:33 AM

i have had a few folks who have commented "this sure isn't camping!" after seeing our trailer.

to them i always say "we do not camp like heathens!" at that point i always show off the doorbell!


GlenCoombe 08-26-2006 06:56 AM

Cool thread folks. I've been there, done that, and have the bug bites, sore back, wet tent to prove it.
I use my AS daily and customers often comment about the size of it compared to the Bornefree and Mobile Concepts that my comtemoraries use.
I point out that I rarely need a motel. Keep my overhead low by using the YMCA and Wal-Mart when out on the road.
Then I tell 'em what I paid for it and the 30-40 grand I saved by buying Airstream One.
Oh, we do use it from time to time to camp while out on bicycle rides.
I do still like to use open fire to cook. I only travel with a roll of tin foil, no pot/pans. Of course when push comes to shove I also have the microwave... and my own washroom.:D

rseagle 08-26-2006 06:57 AM

I haven't had too many people ridicule me for having an Airtstream. But I must be a good salesman for the travel/camping trailer lifestyle. I can account for encouraging some of my co-workers in buying their RVs such as an A-liner Pop-Up, Chalet Pop-Up, a used Winnebago motorhome and a Fleetwood Wilderness travel trailer. These folks have families and were looking for the same things my family was: an inexpensive and convienent way to travel and camp in places closer to nature or attactions. For that, I glad my enthusiasm is contageous!

SilverRanger 08-26-2006 07:22 PM

... is what I do. Actually, I believe what I do now is closer to traveling, on my own terms. I've done a lot of camping as a Boy Scout. As a hitchhiker in the seventies, I traveled across most of the USA with everything I owned in a backpack, sleeping in the woods, up trees, under a canpoy of mangroves on the beaches in Florida, on the roof of a barn in the Dismal Swamp to escape the mosquitoes, etc. After that, tent camping was a luxury.

Today, I travel with GPS, computer, internet access, cell phone, and satellite TV because I like it, and have no need to "get away from it all". If I there's a sudden urge to commune with nature, I can do that without leaving home. I live in the middle of the woods by a stream on a large tract of land.

SafeHarbor 08-26-2006 10:57 PM

I make my living by having internet access. I've also lived in Airstreams since 1992.

Now life has decided that I'm needed at home, and I have a house, an office that's coming along, and I'll be separating living/work from camping.

Except for some activities with the Civil Air Patrol some years ago, I've never been much of a camper. I used to joke that I yearned for those air-conditioned expanses...

Lately I've adopted the idea that "it's just camping," but that's just for organized events.

And here I am. The house is close, but I'm sitting in the Airstream in the wee hours of a Saturday night.

This is not exactly camping, but it's what I'm used to, and it's still what I prefer. Is it camping? Not by a stretch, but is PRIVATE SPACE that's mine alone, and it's shelter, comfort, quiet, and peace. It's my safe harbor.

If anybody told me that Airstreaming is not "real camping," I'd have to ask them to define their terms, and then I'd probably agree with them.


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