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Over59 08-21-2006 07:58 AM

Double down ground...
So I get home from the amazing Region One Rally and find my 3 way fridge off.. On the way home we stopped at a farm stand and bought some steaks and stuff. When putting them in the fridge I found a flashing displace meaning no fuel. OK, just set it for DC. Check the TriMeteric and I'm only down 4 amps with the truck running.

Get home an the unit was dead. Free thought was of course panic. Did something really bad, fuse?, breaker, !!!!! control panel in unit. Looked in back of fridge an found the ground wire came off. Relief. Joy. Put it back on and the unit is still dead. Get out the meter, no 12 volt behind the unit. Panic again. I thought maybe I fryed the self resetting breaker. Checked the front panel where the 12 volt all ties together, battery, TV, fridge. Found the #8 ground to the fridge was off. Came right out of the lug.

Lesson. Just because you found one bad ground doesn't mean there isn't another. Check the simple stuff first.

john hd 08-21-2006 09:01 AM

good deal that you found the problems.

never assume anything works when troubleshooting electrical items. check from the source to the load. positive and negative, hot and neutral if it is a ac circuit.


Zeppelinium 08-21-2006 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by Over59
So I get home from the amazing Region One Rally ...

Yippee, hijacking time!!! :w00t2:

Sooo, Region One Rally? By golly, pretty soon you're going to reveal waaaaayy to much and the rest of us might get an idea what state you live in. :D

and a gratuitous thbbbttttt to all you other folks who don't at least allow your state (or "fulltiming" for the gypsies) to show up in the little doodad square to the left of posts...just one vote, here :mad: OK, erecting the force field shield, here :p

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