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FranceyS 11-11-2002 10:36 AM

HELP! Electrical problem
HELP! Electrical problem

Had a nearby lightening strike that turned my
security sys & radio sys on in the house...
It also blew the power to two outlets in the M.H.

I have shorepower to the MH to operate the trickle-
charger. Of the three outlets in the MH, two are
dead and one works fine.

I turned the MAIN switch ON and OFF several times.
Checked the fuses and they seem OK.
Plugged power-detector into all 3 plug-ins and one
indicates normal power and the other two zero.

What else should I check to reactivate those plugins?
CAn I fix this myself, or is this a job for a PRO?
Thanks for any advice. Bye. Francey

overlander64 11-11-2002 10:49 AM

HELP! Electrical problem
Greetings Francey!

A lightning strike can cause any number of problems. Have you checked the operation of ALL electrical components in the coach? I too had a lightning strike near my house that impacted both the house and my '64 Overlander. I didn't realize how much damage I had until I took the trailer out for the International Rally in Rapid City. Damage included wiring going to the Air Conditioner, two blown outlets, damage to the power converter, damage to the solar array on the roof, and blown bulbs (12 volt side) of many of the ceiling fixtures. If you haven't, I would suggest checking your coach's insurance policy for storm damage coverage, and then make a preliminary report to your insurance agent. The sooner you inform your agent, the fewer will be the questions if more damage appears when you fully check out the coach. Had I known then what I know now, I would have notified my insurance agent and made a bee line to my regular Airstream dealer for a thorough inspection of the coach. I counted myself as being quite fortunate that there was no serious damage to the newly installed 3-Way Dometic refrigerator, Coleman Air Conditoner, or Suburban furnace all of which have sensitive micro-circuitry boards.

Good luck in finding all of the quirks resulting from your encounter with lightning!


FranceyS 11-11-2002 05:40 PM

HELP, electrical
Help, please...electrical...Lightening damage

Kevin: Thank you SO MUCH for that alert my insurance company. I hadn't even given it a thought! I called them at once.

This lightening strike damaged my house security system and the built-in radio system, as well as the motor home electric. When the lightening boom is instantaneous and you hear sizzle...that's not good.....<smile>

I will check the various ceiling lights in the rig tomorrow...What else should I check? I appreciate the good advice.

overlander64 11-11-2002 06:23 PM

HELP! Electrical problem
Greetings Francey!

The items that I would suggest checking would include:

1. Power Inverter/Converter. The nearby strike caused internal damage to my power converter that required a replacement circuit board. It would not produce 12-volt power nor would it charge the battery following the strike.

2. While it didn't damage mine, I would check the refrigerator - - electric operation as well as 12-volt if so equipped. With the newer refrigerators with the micro-circuit board controls a lightning strike could potentially blow out the board and defeat the automatic energy selector if so equipped. This same suggestion would apply to the water heater and furnace for the same reasons - - the micro circuit boards dislike sudden extreme changes in voltage or amperage.

3. Any stereo equipment should be checked for function as well as such things as the signal booster if your television antenna is so equipped.

4. The water pump probably should also be checked to be sure that it is properly cycling.

Basically, anything that uses electricity 12-volt or 120-volt AC should be checked for damage. With luck, hopefully there won't be many components damaged if any. Since my experience was with a travel trailer, I can't say whether there is any potential for problems with the coach chasis itself such as generator, ignition system, etc.

Good luck with your troubleshooting!


zamboni 11-11-2002 06:27 PM

I had been in a car when lightning had struck very blew out the radio attenna and the alternator of that vehicle...Have you started you MH or checked out the 12 vdc wiring and electrical systems?

best of luck...hope you find nine of these things as damaged.

Gosman 08-03-2010 03:51 PM

I have a 1975 argosy and the following all worked and now do not ????????? They are as follows the

range hood fan
light over the sink
galley fan
fresh water pump
light in bed room
i think all these are on the same circuit and i have a blown fuse -but were ---need help looked every were !!!!!!!

All the other lights work ????
I think it is a blown fuse , but can not find the fuse panel in this 1975 argosy ?????? Any ideas ????

garry 08-03-2010 03:57 PM

If you have a GFCI outlet (in bathroom or kitchen) be sure it has not tripped they also control other outlets.

If you have and Inverter make sure the circuit breakers have not tripped.

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