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pattyo 06-24-2006 04:23 PM

Ideas for replacing flooring for Minuet with aluminum composite floor
I have checked some of the previous postings and can't seem to find any that address how to put flooring in our Minuet. The floor has rivets so we can't just lay down something. Has anyone put a new floor in an Argosy and what did you use. Should we put a subfloor in or is there a product out there that just needs padding. We want to go with Vinyl/Linoleum.


Chuck 06-24-2006 04:38 PM

you must have one of those famous Argosy composite-alluminum floors....there are people here with experience with them, so perhaps they'll chime in.

what I'm thinking is that a "pergo" type laminate floor would work well, because it doesn't need to be "attached" in any way to a subfloor. you actually do just "lay it down". of course, it takes alot of measuring and cutting to get it to fit against all the fixtures and cabinets and so forth, but its free to "float" on the floor (so it can expand and contract with the extreme temps in travel trailers), its easy to take out if you change your mind later, (unlike anything that has to be glued down), its extremely durable, and not much heavier than carpet.

Along with the standard "fake-wood" laminates, they also make styles meant to mimick a vinyl floor. Then there's also bamboo and cork flooring ("real") that installs with the same laminate-style click together pieces.
search around on the forums, and you'll find lots. there are some pics in my photo gallery of my pergo "fake wood" floor. I really like the look of the cork, too...wish I'd known about it before I did the pergo.

pattyo 06-24-2006 04:50 PM

Argosy Floor
Thank you Chuck. We have Pergo in our house and it's great! I'm afraid that the rivets would push out the flooring giving me little bumps. I will definitely check into the cork flooring. I'm trying to make her as light as possible so I can put in all my wine and coffeepots when I travel!:)


Janet H 06-24-2006 05:08 PM

Hi Ya..

We put carpet in ours. It's a remnant of cream colored Berber. We pulled out the old carpet and made a paper pattern from it, laid it on the new carpet and cut. If you make it one piece - it just lays in place - no sliding around. The remnant cost us about 15 bucks. We figured we replace it every couple of years when it got icky - but to date it hasn't needed it.

I don't like smooth floors in a trailer - this is a personal preference and others will disagree... but sand and dirt stick to your feet on smooth floors - on carpet - the sand just disappears. I vacuum the floor when we get home from a trip.

You may find that the composite floor isn't really level and any thin floor covering will be a problem - it' won't lay flat and you are right about feeling the bumps. Think (disposable) carpet, a Minuet doesn't take very much carpet to redo.

We also put an off the shelf (walmart) oriental type runner down the center to sop up red wine or coffee spills. The runner was another 15 bucks..

You can see a couple of pictures of ours in my photo area.

pattyo 06-24-2006 05:46 PM

Thanks Janet. I saw that you took my vices into account:)

Unfortunately whoever put the last carpet in put it in pieces. You're right though, it can't take that much. I like the idea of changing the carpets every few year!


Janet H 06-24-2006 07:33 PM

You could still make a pattern... Just do it in the trailer. make it out of something forgiving to work with - and slightly stiff. You could make it in chunks and then tape it together. Try to save it - for future uses.

Our carpet doesn't run under the side gaucho - there is a separate piece there. In fact we left the original burnt orange shag there as a reminder. In our trailer the original carpet ran up to the furniture - tightly. The furniture was obviously built is first - so removing the old - other than being totally disgusting was fairly easy. There are some tack strips around the door ways and edges - we left them riveted in place - vacuumed with a shop vac and put new rug down.

pattyo 06-24-2006 08:56 PM

I think we're going to go with the carpet idea for now Janet. Thank you. When we were taking out the old carpet we found some of that orange shag:shock: .

Also they painted over the fabric on the gaucho and dinette. We took the them apart and saw the original orange psyho:) fabric! I know I lived through the 70's but I really don't remember having taste that bad.


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