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Don McKelvay 11-03-2002 01:28 AM

Inverter problem
I am having problems with my Trace U2512 inverter and despite calls to Trace (sorry your inverters is 9 years old and we do not have parts for it anymore!) I have not been able to get it to work again.
The problem is the search LED comes on when I turn the inverter on but even with a 1500 watt load plus a 100 watt one, it will not fire up and provide the 120 volts needed. I have tried adjusting the search mode control, but that did nothing.
The only way I have (sometimes) been able to have it fire up is to connect to shore power, than turn the inverter on and "maybe" it will then work. Oddly enough it will then work even if I disconnet the shore power. However, if I turn it off and try again it will not work. Clearly it seems the problem is in the circuit controlling the search mode. Any and all suggestions will be welcome. One option is to now use it in my home for a door stop!!
Failing getting a solution, what recommendations does anyone have, ie, get a Trace RV2012 (modified sine wave, 2000 watt) or the SW2512 (pure sine wave, 2500 watt)? I need enough to at least run my microwave, or 1500 electric heater plus other small items such as TV, satellite dish and perhaps a 480 watt hot water heater. Looking forward to hearing from you.

53flyingcloud 11-03-2002 06:30 AM

Reference Manual
You didn't mention if you have a shop manual or not..

(sorry, I have no way of knowing if you have one..since you didn't give enough detail about this.)
Just on the off hand chance that you're missing one. You can download this one for your inverter.

74Argosy24MH 11-03-2002 06:40 AM

Unless you have a schematic and experience doing board level repair it might be a doorstop. You could start checking voltage through the search circuit, but without a schematic it will be a big a job.

If you don't need the pure sine wave it is an expensive option. Running the 1500w heater off an inverter is going to be hard on batteries-125 amp draw plus any inverter loss. You need a big battery bank for that. As long as you have plug in power I would run the heater off it and decide if you really need the pure sine wave enough to justify the price.


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