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Mike0392 05-18-2022 04:16 PM

Heat pump out
2019 Classic 33 twin owners
Hey guys, my RV guy just left me with the bad news the front AC compressor is toast.
Domestic SN ZS1809-08
Model # 2CY2203E-9X
I plug those numbers off the tag into Dometic and comes up no product found
I need to buy a new AC What do I get and where do I get one??


WellSaid11 05-18-2022 04:27 PM

Are you still under the three year warranty?

You can also try looking your AC/heat pump unit up in the Airstream parts manual for your trailer and go from there.

part # 690323-59 Air conditioner w/heat pump, 15,000 BTU


SeeMore 05-18-2022 04:44 PM

WellSaid11 has the first question to be answered. If covered, your closest dealer should be able to handle your issue. You didn't specify who was the source of your insight regarding failure.

If not, most any dealer can handle your service but the 'when" and "how long a wait" questions becomes pertinent. Backlogs this time of year are fairly deep.

The 2019 Classics came with dual Dometic low profile PenquinII 15K heat pump units.

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