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trekbiker 03-20-2022 09:29 PM

Water dripping on outside of refrigerator while defrosting
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We have a Dometic Model RM3962 refrigerator in our 2017 30' Classic. When doing a full defrost we have water dripping at the bottom front side of the refrigerator, into the drawer below. We found tht the water was running down the exterior back side of the refrigerator, polling in the cavity beneath the refrigerator, then dripping at the front. The drain tube from just below the cooling fins in the refrigerator interior appears to be working fine, and looks to be properly attached.

It is almost like frost accumulates on the top rear exterior of the refrigerator, melting when we do a full defrost.

I have contacted Dometic, waiting for a response. Has anyone else had this issue?

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