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Angel73 06-02-2006 01:23 AM

Replacing floor and frame....
Well if the weather holds out this weekend .We're going to start on the floor and frame work...I love Birthdays ,Hubby ask me what i wanted thinking(well hoping i would want a truck)Not.....I told him i wanted the frame and floor put in by my birthday which is monday....All it would cost him is time..Thought i was going to have to give him CPR.... lol Ill let you all now how it went with pic....My anniversary was April i got the camper stripped for that ask for the truck next year:brows:

P.S . I do have a Question.What are you all putting down.Carpet,Pergo...or what and why you like what you put down and how well is it holding up?We want to put it down before putting the beds and night stand back in.Is this a good idea,I was wondering since these area do leak at times(which i hope not after all the repairs we've done)Should we not ...just incase there are still leak we haven't found yet.....pic would be very helpful too

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