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drowe42 02-09-2022 12:43 PM

Tree damage on 1966 safari
I had tree damage to four end panels last month and looked for someone to repair it. The insurance company just called to say it is totaled in their opinion and offered a settlement. Iím torn, the repair price from one of the places willing to do the work is 2-10 thousand more than what Iím being offered. The trailer also needs part of the floor done, a new heater and fridge plus gas line replacement among other items. What would people suggest I do? Thanks

rideair 02-09-2022 01:14 PM

My memory is this: At one time, Colin Hyde sold the early 1950's 13 panel pieces, allowing a person to convert a 1960's looking trailer to a more 1950's looking trailer. I even thought of making the change myself to a 1966 trailer I owned at the time. I'd first check with Colin, and see if this is still true.

You could always take the payout, offer to buy the unit back, then do the repair yourself or with someone's help.

I've only seen one trailer done in the past 20 years, and it was one of the best looking trailers I've ever seen. The 13 panels, with the form fitting glass of 1966 was really cool.

Good luck,

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