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Life is a Highway 01-20-2022 07:37 PM

It was interesting! Were you there-
At the Tampa RV show today. Away from all the other new Airstreams off in the State Conservation Building. Ironically across form the State Fair Steam Engines there it was parked in all its glory. The ESTREAM!. I believe the same unit that field tested in Europe.

The first thing I did was crawl underneath it to see the drive gear. It looked well engineered. It was a single axle. The best part was watching a demo as the factory pulled it straight 30 feet ahead on its hitch jack roller wheel. Then showed us how to make it turn 360 degrees. This was all done on a tablet. Then the unit was backed into its display area.

I'm not getting into the politics of it. Just reporting that it's more a reality in the next 2-5 years than not. I wish I had a smaller version of that motor system to park my unit in the storage bay or back it into the driveway.

There was also the new Airsteam EVan that was nothing like the Vans now produced. An Atlas on steroids. I peeked in from the open doors looked well designed. Most likely designed from the European Caravan Culture .

Nuff said!

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