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InsideOut 10-30-2002 11:23 AM

Rocky Mountain "Forum Rally" Info
As a follow-up to an earlier thread, this is for folks who would be interested in a Rocky Mountain Forum Rally.

Being that there is about 4" of snow on the ground right about if we wait until at least spring for the rally itself? In the meantime, who all would be interested in attending? Once we have an idea of how many of us would attend, we can start making more detailed plans...

Post any ideas here...

Looking forward to this...we'll have a blast!

Shari :)

PeterH-Airstreamer 10-30-2002 07:52 PM

I attended the 2003 Rocky Mountain AirstreamForums Rally
Shari, that is something I would be very interested in. I am sure many others would follow.

InsideOut 10-30-2002 08:54 PM

Great! PeterH, we'll count you in too....

So far (from the other thread) we have:

Carmen - from South Dakota
Paul K - from Denver, Colorado
and maybe Apple 1 from Brighton, Michigan (if the timing works with an already planned trip to Colorado) :)

Did I miss anyone???

Shari :)

Silver Bullet 10-30-2002 09:05 PM

If the timings right....
We'll do it to it, too!:) I have family in Golden. Two birds with one stone. Welcome to my life!:D :D :D Oscar

PeterH-Airstreamer 10-30-2002 09:41 PM

some considerations:
too early- too cold
members with kids can only go during summer break.
would it be too hard to find a place during summer season?
I have a feeling that quiet a few folks would consider their summer vacation for such a special event.
We are self-employed artists and get to run away if something ths important comes up.
May be you could consider putting the info in your signature, like Fred does with Mystic Springs.

InsideOut 10-30-2002 11:12 PM

Good points Peter...
Summer months are best...definitely warmer, especially in the mountains :) we too are self-employed, so flexible...

Kids would be welcome :p

And there will be no discrimination against "adult-beverages" either :D

Welcome aboard Silver Bullet...we now have Texas & New Mexico represented :cool:


Andy R 10-31-2002 07:31 PM

Count me in!
Only 21 days ago I left Colorado for Dallas, TX. Ouch! So next summer would be great! With all the great minds on these forums, I bet we could really have a fun rally with some cool events.

InsideOut 11-01-2002 10:52 AM

Yeah Andy!
I'm so glad you'll be joining us, respected webmaster!

Your Bambi ought to be ready to go by then...huh?! At least you'll have some warmer weather to work on it over the winter in Texas... :D


Action 11-01-2002 04:58 PM

Mountain Rally

My new bride and I would consider a trip from AZ to CO. It would have to be next year as we are allergic to what ever is that white covering on Maxwell.


InsideOut 11-01-2002 05:16 PM

...and I'm allergic to cactus Action! :D :D :D

Actually, my parents live in the North Heights area of Fountain Hills...we only visit between November & April, dry heat or not!

We'll be glad to have you join us...

Shari :)

Action 11-01-2002 05:32 PM


I like cactus! It's the spikey things that they have on the outside that makes me break out.

We live near the Phoenix airport in an area called Arcadia. And I like your parents location too. It's nice there.


flyfshr 11-24-2002 10:59 PM

Count Us in For Consideration
Add our name to the list of hopefuls...must avoid the white stuff though. We'll also represent Arizona. Sounds like a great time. We'll have to figure out how to post pictures by then. :)


InsideOut 11-25-2002 12:33 AM

Great Brad! Glad to have you...we'll make sure to wait until the spring thaw is complete...3-4" on the ground right now!

Shari :D

PeterH-Airstreamer 01-05-2003 08:47 AM

I have read members posts about their travel destinations for 2003.
So far no one has mentioned plans to travel to the Rocky Mountain Forums Rally.
It may be time to talk about dates and location?

InsideOut 02-21-2003 11:03 PM

Here's a suggestion...
John (aka Mr. Poll) is going to be the Seasonal Camp Host at Heron Lake in Northern New Mexico . This location is centrally located for the NM, TX, AZ & CO folks who have shown interest in an informal get together. It's approximately:

90 miles NW of Taos, NM
125 miles SE of Durango, CO
170 miles SW of Walsenburg, CO

And those that are thinking of coming from more remote locations...sorry, if this isn't as convienient. Who may be on your way to ???

Anyway, there are several campgrounds at the lake there, Blanco Campground being the one with the most co-located, hook-up sites, that can be reserved ahead of time.

For "Things To Do" there's the "no wake" lake for sailing & fishing, hiking trails and the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad is nearby. And of course, the company of new found forum-friends!

Obviously it's still a bit too chilly there now, but it's not too early to start planning! I would think any time after mid-May would be a good time weather-wise, several have mentioned the need to coordinate with school schedules, maybe mid-June would be better.

Anyway, just wanted to start thinking about this appears that reservations can be made starting in March. This is a State Park so the prices are reasonable, looks like about $20 per night. I'm sure John can help fill-in on some of the detail questions once he gets settled in.

Nothing is set in stone yet...just want to float the idea out there...any thoughts, ideas, suggestions???


Action 02-22-2003 12:39 PM

No better time than now

Thanks for the post. I was wondering if we still were going to pull a meet off. Location is awesome for me. I would most likely take some time off. (My boss hates it when I use my vacation time) Coming from Phoenix I would assume it would be a days drive one way pulling my bullet.

In May I have a commitment the weekend of May 17 and 18. So I would suggest setting a date in either month. It also gives my a target to shoot for in working on my silver sled.


InsideOut 02-22-2003 01:21 PM

BTW - It looks like last year, the train didn't start up until May 25th (Memorial Day Weekend), this year's info isn't posted yet but I would assume it would also be Memorial Day Weekend. So, if this of interest to anybody, we probably need to move into June. My guess is it would be too crowded ON Memorial Day Weekend...and the 6-8th of June we have a WBCCI Rally so would prefer the 19th-22nd for a long weekend...gotta work sometime!

Whatta ya think Action, John, anybody else????

Shari :D

John 02-22-2003 01:42 PM


Springs breaks around the corner and people are going to start making their reservations for their summer vacations. So the sooner the members respond, the better your chances will be in reserving those dates.

The early bird catches the worm so to speak:) !!


PeterH-Airstreamer 02-22-2003 04:13 PM

June 19-22 2003
Airstream forums Rally in the Land of Enchantment.
Now thats cool!

InsideOut 02-22-2003 04:18 PM

So, does that mean we can count you in Peter?

Shari :)

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