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Ultradog 05-24-2006 05:45 PM

Framed! (pics)
Well we finished Tucker's frame today.
Started it back in October if I remember correctly. Kind of worked on it in fits and starts - like whenever Tucker and I could both schedule some time.

These AS frames are rather simple weldments actually. Long rectangular tubing for the main frames and c channel for the cross members. Tucker did all the work actually. I advised him a bit and I welded it all together. We built the new frame directly on top of the old one. Easy to get everything positioned just right that way. After the new frame is together you block it up and slide the old frame out from under it. Then you can attach the shackels, springs, shocks, axles, etc.

George the dog just supervised, as is her wont. She never helps me at all.
Tucker added some extra cross members through out the entire frame. I guess he was having some trouble locating all the waste and water tanks so he is basically doubling the height of the frame to get him the neccessary room. I don't understand all that part of it nor will I have anything to do with putting the shell back on. I was a welder for some years so I just did the part I know and made sure it tows straight and true and doesn't all come unglued somewhere down the road.

It was pretty fun to do all in all. We did MarkDoane's a couple of years ago though it wasn't as extensive as a whole new frame. If anyone ever needs another one I'd be glad to help with it. I don't do it for money. But just as a way to be a part of the AS "Scene"
Happy camping

norbert 05-24-2006 06:17 PM

gee...i thought tucker was the dog.....good job!

87MH 05-24-2006 07:35 PM

Lookin' Good Dawg!!
Woo Woo

Ain't nothin' like gettin' right the first time by doin' it yourself!!

markdoane 05-24-2006 07:38 PM

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Good job! Congratulations to Tucker and yourself.

George is getting to be a very experienced airstream dog. Here's a picture from when he supervised the repair on my frame two years ago.

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