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Winemaker 12-06-2021 04:50 PM

Mystery wire with solar PV pre-wire
I'm working on a DIY solar install on my 2022 International 27FBH and have found a mystery wire taped to the PV wires. (see photo). PV wires are green and yellow... extra wire is orange/red.
Anyone know what this is? All other wires were labeled but not this one.

Winemaker 12-06-2021 07:02 PM

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Not sure if the photo attached to my post... Can't see it.
Trying again...

Winemaker 12-09-2021 02:00 PM

Wire #82 Orange Connected pre wire
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For anyone else that runs into this question... Here is the answer.
The orange wire taped to the PV yellow and green wires is for the router in an Airstream Connect system. On the more detailed electrical schematic it is labeled #82.

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