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romakdaddy 11-29-2021 05:17 AM

370LE project stalled...should I sell?
Hey guys, long time no post. my 370 restoration project has stalled as in i lost momentum and cant seem to find the time to finish and I.m considering selling it. Question is what to ask for it? the bathroom is disassembled and some of the kitchen. All parts are present and it has all new plumbing less the shower valve that needs updated and the shower walls need better coverage since the vinyl is peeling. just needs a bunch of little stuff but I lost motivation and hate to see it sit. I can post pics tonight.

Foiled Again 11-29-2021 06:51 AM

Before you list it, make a resolution to finish "just" the bathroom plumbing (or any other half way finished task) that can be buttoned up in less than 4 days. Do it, and see if that doesn't trigger you to do the next thing, and so on. Doing 5 little things might get you so close to finishing that you go ahead and actually finish. Alternately, edit your "to do" list into essential, worth doing, and maybe later. Do the essentials and go camping.
Honestly - there are lots of things that are far less expensive if you do them yourself... but you never actually get around to it. Pay someone to install a water heater or a converter, and have it DONE - finished and you're ready to do the next thing.
Enlist help... your wife and kids CAN learn the skills needed to do the work. Having a wrench holder, or someone to talk over how to best do a task can keep you motivated.

The closer to done you get, the faster it will be salable for a good price.

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