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Inland RV Center, In 10-28-2002 07:09 PM

At the request from several sources, Airstream has established a new e-mail address for those who wish to communicate suggestions.

It is:


davidz71 10-29-2002 06:21 PM

Thanks Andy,
I'm sure there are some forum members who have excellent recommendations.

Inland RV Center, In 10-29-2002 06:45 PM

It is not clear as to how far this may go. Certainly, it's a beginning. I chatted with the powers that be when I was at the plant last month, and asked them to at least try it.

They have complied. However, I am not sure how they may choose to answer some of the suggestions.

I would think that if a phone number was submitted with a suggestion, or an address, that Airstream would more than likely respond somehow.

But I can also promise that should bad mouthing and/or attacks towards them take place, they simply are not going to answer.

Since this is on a trail basis, if it gets out of hand, I would firmly believe that they would simply pull the plug.

Lets see what happens.

I am also sure that they would very much enjoy, hearing from those that are satisfied as well.


53flyingcloud 10-29-2002 11:11 PM

Thanks for sharing.

Wonder if that email addy could be tagged somewhere on the Forum's home page for 'quick' references?

davidz71 10-30-2002 01:50 PM

I agree on all counts. I have seen many worthwhile alterations submitted to the forum and sometimes I asked myself, "Why didn't Airstream think of that?" I realize, from an earlier thread, that a number of their employees travel in Airstreams so it seems that suggestions that come in would be worthwhile. They might even find out it could save them a buck or two.

JPAIRSTREAM 10-30-2002 07:12 PM

Airstream e-mails:

If you have questions they have a e-mail address.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT, TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE,ON LINE STORE ORDER INFORMATION, SERVICE DEPARTMENT, SALES, and the new SUGGESTIONS all have e-mail address posted on this page below. I will put the link into this post.

Airstream contact page

I would assume suggestion means exactly that a suggestion. Not something for questions and answers. They have provided adresses other addresses on that page for Q & A.

I can tell you I have used that page and gotten answers back from the addresses they provide for customer support.

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