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silvermane 05-16-2006 09:31 AM

'65 Tradewind front bed resouce?
We are restoring/repairing a '65 Tradewind we weren't in the market for or even looking. Now that we have it, the "fix-it" bug has hit. It is in terrific condition aside from needing tires, getting the waterworks going & replacing the sun-rotted curtains & needing to do the front couch/bed. The front couch/bed foam is crumbling away and the upholstry material is shot. Where can I find dimensions for the proper size cushion(s) and amount of upholstry I will need to fabricate a new one? Step-by-step instructions would be perfect and would save me from having to re-invent the process. Any advice would be appreciated.

Condoluminum 05-16-2006 12:38 PM

Welcome and "Use the Search"
Welcome and congratulations on finding your project...

The couches vary from model to model and year to year, so there may not be a published spec for exactly how much foam and fabric you'll need. Understand that you may not have choice of fabric and foam stores down the street...

The "Search" button on blue bar above can take you to other messages on couch repairs. Safest answer for us was to order an extra couple yards of 60" fabric just in case. We used some to cover the seat pad and back of a folding chair for interior, and keep the remainder for repairing boo-boo's...

They're much easier to work on disassembled, and removing in parts is pretty easy with basic tools.

John McG

silvermane 05-17-2006 08:22 AM

Thanks for the advice. I've been reading the forums, making notes & am ready to disassemble, take more accurate measurements, purchase materials and get busy. I will use the old material to make a pattern and go from there. The biggest decision, is to decide on the type of foam to use. I've appreciated the foam forums. I know I can do this...I want to do it right...the first time! My sewing machine will handle the material, we've got tools, time and patience.

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