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Frostyone 05-14-2006 10:12 AM

Help Dropping the Belly

Working on 2 bad floor bits - at the rear wall and around the door. I would like to reinforce the frame at the front-center of the trailer (seems to deflect quite a bit) but I cannot find any info as to how to get the belly pan off where it wraps up and into the exterior skins at the front. This only seems to be about a foot or so on each side of the exposed towing frame. I've got everything else appart (what a mecano set around the stair!) but each side is hanging by the front and trapped over the axle. I was hoping to get the belly free so I could slide each side out.

The frame and majority of the floor is in good shape, so I can't justify a body off - I just want to get access to the front underside. The back will be replaced in one piece - I hope - using the rotate it in (not sure if the wheel wells in my little trailer will let me do it) or maybe come in from the rear.


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