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74Argosy24MH 10-25-2002 04:36 PM

RV (Truck) Stops

Flying J



Travel Centers of America

Sapp Brothers

A little bit of everything

Most will allow parking overnight, usually separate from the trucks. Some offer dump stations, propane, etc.


smily 10-26-2002 01:33 PM

Are there fees required or do you just kinda settle in somwhere?

These place are typically large.

I dont even know if the trucks have to pay fees.


ViewRVs 10-27-2002 12:13 AM

Flying J offers a free RV card (Real Value) where you get $0.01 off each gallon of gas. They always have the lowest price around before the penny off. When you get 60 gallons, that penny adds up!

It is also very nice that they are so RV friendly. They are spaced out about one gas tank range apart around the country! :D

53flyingcloud 10-27-2002 04:52 AM

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Flying J is the only place that I've ever stopped over for the night.. out of the above list.. Flying J doesn't charge a "fee". The only thing that they ask and, I think this is only that you make a purchase from them.

I know that there's someone out there who'll pop in and say..that's not right..maybe, they're the ones who just stop in and...walked around acting like customers...lmao
Of all the times I've used Flying J...I never had anyone ask me for a copy of my sales slip.

Another plus for FLYING they're the cleanest place I've been in while traveling on the road.~!~
btw, last count showed 150 plus "Flying J" locations around the country and, more in the works~!!

Pahaska 10-27-2002 09:36 AM

Flying J
I use Flying J all the time. There are usually RV spots in front away from the trucks, commonly 8 to 10 spots. Not always very level.

I have seldom purchased anything in advance; I always eat breakfast there and gas up before I leave as thanks for having parked there. I have never observed anyone checking the parked RVs or questioning RVers.

The downsides of staying there are:

1. Traffic noise - the RV spots are usually by the highway.

2. Bright lights - I have draw shades over my ceiling vents.

3. Loudspeaker - "Shower number ### is now ready. Shower number ### is now ready" happens every 5 minutes all night.

I also stay at a lot of other truck stops. I can almost always find a place away from the trucks to park and I always ask permission first. Again, I make a point of gassing up and eating there if the restaurant appears suitable.

niftypkg 10-28-2002 06:24 AM

Flying J Truck stops
I travel Nationwide and between Wallmart & Truck stops { J being the cleanest} I never spend a penny on camp grounds, and I don't have to buy a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. Sure beats coast to coast!!!! Tom :cool:

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