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GCinSC2 06-23-2021 11:54 AM

Wheel Stud R&R
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A damaged wheel stud R&R is a pretty simple job. Difficult part is just removing the drum or hub.

On the bench you can use a hammer or punch and hammer to drive out the old stud from the wheel side.

To install the replacement stud, clean any debris from the hole. A small round wire brush works well.

Insert the replacement stud you might have to tap it in a bit to get it started.

Now put a flat washer or two over the threads. Thread a same size nut over the stud. In my example I used a plain lug nut note the flat side is down. Apply grease on the threads and under the nut. Use enough washers to make sure the stud it being pulled all the way thru and the nut is not just running out of threads.

Use a wrench and turn the nut down. As you tighten the nut it will pull the stud into the hub seating it. You can turn the hub over and using a punch and hammer give it a tap or two then tighten the nut again.

Remove the nut, clean off all of the old grease and install.

Make sure to correctly tighten your lug nuts to spec and recheck the lug nut torque as outlined in your manual.


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