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JohnnyAustin 06-19-2021 03:46 PM

WeBoost Antenna Switch
Hopefully this is an easy question. I am installing a WeBoost Destination RV which includes a directional antenna (314445). I also bought a Omni-directional antenna (304423). My plan is to permanently install the omni-directional antenna on the roof. The direction antenna would only be used when the omni-directional antenna does not provide sufficient reception. Thus, I would not need to bring out the 25' pole and setup the directional antenna unless necessary. What I want to be able to do is install a switch to toggle between the permanently installed omni-directional antenna and the directional antenna when it is being used.

My question is what antenna switch do I need to use? Will any coax antenna switch work or is there unique specifications for the WeBoost that I should be aware of? Has anyone else done the same thing and have a suggestion?


SandKSmith 06-20-2021 07:33 PM

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I thought about doing the same thing, then just put up the directional antenna. Itís less work for better performance . I use the OpenSignal app for aiming it. The gain is worth It.

JohnnyAustin 06-21-2021 01:41 PM

Yes, well it looks like you have a crank up antenna. The one on my trailer had been removed or that's exactly what I would do. Regardless, I do appreciate your response.

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