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Greywolf65 04-26-2006 12:59 PM

New fridge
I just joined the form today, and I look forward to learning about my new (old) purchase. I have a 34' Limited Edition 1982, that I purchased in AZ. and which I intend to use as my winter home in AZ. I have removed the carpet and installed wood flooring. I did this because of allergies, and is much easier to keep clean. Looks good too.
My problem at the moment, is that my wife managed to ruin the refrigerator by tying to use a hairdrier to defrost it. So now I need a new frige. Can one of the new models be installed or will I have to look for an original. Any suggestions on type or model would be very helpful. I am back home in Washington state now and will have to find one by the time I return to AZ. By the way, the trailer is in AZ and I will have to find someone there to install it for me.
Thanks in advance

Zeppelinium 04-26-2006 02:05 PM

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(thanks for the heads up on Ft Worden)

what do you mean "ruined?" If it was operating OK before the defrosting, I'm betting that the amonia machine is still OK. Do you now have warped plastic interior? If so, can't you heat them up again and press flat with suitable pieces of plywood and allow to cool back to the original (or near original) shape?

If you really do need a new fridge, look for references to a vendor called "Palomino". Great fridge prices. Dometic has a series of fridges that are designed to fit in the vintage spaces, with maybe a 1/2" shim to make the cabinet fit tight.

Installing a new fridge generally requires adjustment of the height of the shelf immediately above the top of the fridge and maybe trimming the plastic vent enclosure.

In the photo below from my 31' Excella, the fridge is on the end of the line of cabinets, so if there was width problem you'd only have to move the end bulkhead. These bulkheads are easy to move, you just unscrew the metal channel from the wall (that does cause a problem with the top shelf, which may have to be lengthened--making it shorter isn't a big issue).

If you have to move the top shelf up or down, you'd have to make a new bulkhead on the left side of the fridge. I addressed this problem in my 27' Overlander (which has a fridge in the same spot) by making a left bulkhead that went up to the upper cabinets, then I could put in a new piece of upper shelf at any height that was only the width of the fridge.

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lewster 04-26-2006 06:20 PM

If you really need a new unit, look inside and get the model # from the data plate. Then go to and look up the replacement chart. It will tell you ....based on what you have, what will fit.

Welcome to the forums and I agree with Zepp. If the fridge still works (and I don't see how a hair dryer would damage the cooling section) then straighten it out and keep using it:D .

3Ms75Argosy 04-26-2006 07:53 PM

death by hairdryer?....
I too am curious! IF you need a new"er" one, there is an outfit in Everett that rebuilds older ones, and sells them for about 1/2 price of a new one. I think it's RV Mobile ( I bought one 3 yrs ago - it's still going strong!
I'd haul this back to AZ when you go get your trailer.
Good luck!

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