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Keith S 05-16-2021 03:45 PM

2019 23' FC FB Dinette Table
We purchased a slightly used 2019 FC with FB.
The dinette table leaves a lot to desire. Our old 97 Safari had a very stable fold out table and the new 2019 has a pedestal table that can be lowered to make up a bed.
The table is very unstable and I can see that there is a lot of "play" in the gliders that allow for the table to move inwards and outwards from the back of the sofa.

I suspect the previous owner may have put excess pressure on the edge of the table as it is not level at all. It is very loose and can tilt up and down with a slight touch.

I am wondering if anyone has had this sort of problem and if there is a remedy.
The glider track is very poor quality and has a lot of play and also it is only secured on one end of the track.

The pedestal seems adequate. I am thinking a whole new high end set of tracks and securing the table.
Anyone have any suggestions?

Keith S.

AKNate 05-16-2021 05:05 PM

We simply got rid of the slide tracks on ours and screwed the tabletop directly to the pedestal. Itís very solid now. We donít plan to ever convert it to a bed.

Dennis C 05-16-2021 05:53 PM

Is the pedestal unstable, or just the sliders? The pedestal can be tightened up to make it more stable, but I'm not sure about the sliders.

s1000pre 05-16-2021 07:25 PM


I had a 2021 FCBunk same is a fix:

PKI 05-16-2021 09:12 PM

There are a lot of different solutions, but the fix is to lock the table in place. The slide lock does not function intuitively. You have to apply a bit of pressure to get the tab to lock fully in place. When you get it right, it makes a difference.

The other solution that has been employed is replacement of the OEM slides with high quality heavy duty units.

Getting your table right is key to being happy with the FB. Pat

samletz 05-17-2021 09:32 AM

FC FB dinette table
I replaced the entire table! I thought it was poorly sized for normal people to sit at the table. I built a new table out of 11 ply cabinet birch and then put high quality drawer slides ( vertically- like they're designed to be used- not horizontally). The result is a very stable table- can still make dinette into a bed. Added a good latch system which allows the table to be adjusted back and forth in 1" increments.

AKNate 05-17-2021 10:05 AM

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I eventually replaced the entire table too. I didnít mind the size at all and just copied it on the new table, but I didnít like the plastic look and feel of the Formica. I made the new tabletop out of Jatoba.
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