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Gehlenv 05-15-2021 05:48 PM

2021 AI19 - Isolating squeaks and rattles
We received our 2021 AI silver/griege about a week ago and I spent today working on squeaks and rattles…

- Added clear rubber bumpers inside microwave door
- Felt pads behind tv
- Felt dots to all drawers, doors and upper cabinets
- Felt dots to sides of rear cup holders
- Mounted the rear ottomans to their respective cabinets. This was a huge source of rattles. Perhaps brackets were missed on our unit? added them. Huge improvement.
- Adjusted the sliding screen door and adjusted the latch. Slides much better and closes with no visible air gaps. Added a rubber bumper to stop it from opening too far and another rubber number to isolate it from vibration when the main sliding door is closed. Huge improvement!
- Kitchen towel to keep the cutting board from rattling
- Added screen door springs to the rear sliding acrylic doors in the back cabinet. They tend to bounce up and down while driving. The springs work well but not sure if they will stay in place over time mounted with 3M tape. I might think of a better solution for this.
- Discovered that the rear screen really rattles in the up position. Seems reasonable to just put it down during driving. It is easy enough to see through it with the rear view mirror. Looking into see if I can program/add a “drive” favorite on the CZone panel
- Less rattling if shades are up for driving. We prefer this anyways.

We’ll be doing a more thorough drive test to see if there are other rattles that need attention.

DaveG 05-16-2021 07:29 PM

Appreciate your posting this and other information! We will be (maybe?) getting our 2021 19 4x4 in a month. How was the dealer experience?

Gehlenv 05-17-2021 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by DaveG (Post 2494946)
Appreciate your posting this and other information! We will be (maybe?) getting our 2021 19 4x4 in a month. How was the dealer experience?

We had a really great dealership experience with Seattle Airstream. We didn’t decide to purchase until March of this year. Our initial order date was for a fall delivery. We placed an order but our salesperson kept us on a waiting list for anyone who cancelled. We were lucky in that a couple of cancellations opened up and one of them matched our selection. The purchase process was very easy to complete… literally less than 10 ministers at the dealer to complete the paperwork.

The guy that did the handover of the vehicle did a really nice job. He asked us how much detail we wanted and focused in on what we were most interested in. There are so many systems it can be a bit overwhelming. We mostly focused on making sure everything was working. Now lots of learning but that’s the fun part.

DaveG 05-17-2021 09:27 AM

Congratulations! I posted the dealer question on impulse. Didn't mean to interrupt thread subject. We are working with the same dealership.
Again, appreciate the info!
Someone said "If it isn't fun your aren't doing it right". You are doing it right! ��

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