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GracieDog 05-03-2021 09:14 AM

Septic Puzzle to Solve...

Have a 1968er. The shower will drain directly to the outside outlet but won't go into the black tank. Any ideas why?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

azflycaster 05-03-2021 09:20 AM

Shower water is gray water not back water. Airstream made before 1974 had no gray tank and the water flowed out the exit pipe. You can use a tote to collect the water or have a gray installed. If you replumbed and used the black tank for gray water, it would fill very quickly.

PA BAMBI II 05-03-2021 09:51 AM

Yes, you have a pre-gray tank Airstream. Dumping gray (sink/shower) water on the ground was fine then, but is frowned upon now. But it is dish soap and regular soap, and a few food scraps, perhaps. When was the last time anyone got excited about anyone else washing their car and letting that soap run and enter the ground? But I digress.

As mentioned, you can use a portable tote (blue boy) to cart away your gray water to the dump station, or add a subfloor tank. I added a tank to my '64, and have my tank made for my '61. I utilized my resources and had my tanks tig welded from aluminum...but many aftermarket plastic tanks in various sizes can be custom ordered from suppliers on the internet.

And one other thing about combining the gray/black tanks. Not only would the tank fill up quickly, but if you ever overfilled and had some backflow into the lowest point (usually the tub drain), you would only ever want that to be gray water. Never black water.

GracieDog 05-03-2021 09:54 PM

Black Tank Mystery...
Richard and Pa Bambi -

Thank you for your replies. So new issue...

The toilet was removed. So the sink and the shower drain into the black tank. So I lifted the door thing to empty the black tank and when I did that, the shower and sink drained into the black tank. Isn't that odd?

When I got the water to fill the black tank I decided to test its limits. I ran water until it started to come up the tub. It would to a point. Looked outside and saw water gushing out the back of the airstream.

Since I don't plan to put a toilet in (going dry flush if they ever send it to me) - is it possible to replace the original black tank with a grey water tank from underneath the airstream so I don't have to rip out the bathroom?

Thank you for your thoughts and help. I truly appreciate it.

GracieDog 05-03-2021 10:47 PM

may have solved it...
We had the floors redone. I asked the guy to plug the toilet hole as were were going "dry flush." So I'm thinking maybe it wasn't plugged or the plug came out when I filled the tank to capacity.

Still what doesn't make sense to me is why when I open the waste valve does the sink/shower water enter the black tank. I thought the waste valve opens the black tank to be drained. So very confused by this.

mimiandrews 05-04-2021 01:57 AM

The gray water outlet is plumbed into your trailer's drain line downstream of the black tank dump valve. You must have a cap over the outlet for what you describe to be happening.

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