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bigburgy 05-03-2021 05:33 AM

Trip Planning & Route Tool
Hi, I'm looking for some advice/recommendations on which trip planning and/or route tool you use. Hereís my dilemmaÖWe had a 35í class A Tiffin for 4 years and I used the following products, which Iíve become very familiar with. We bought the Garmin RV760 (which we sold when we sold the Class A). Also used Garminís Basecamp on my Mac, which I know most will agree does not have an easy learning curve but I have gotten pretty familiar with it. And I also bought the lifetime product of Route-1 Low Clearance product (for bridge heights), which gives me a lot of comfort because Iím able to import it into my Basecamp and then ultimately it is downloaded, along with my route maps, into my RV760. We were planning to do some INTL travel when we sold our Class A, but with COVID we decided to buy an Airstream instead and now Iím looking to buy a new Garmin unit (possibly the 890 or 1090) and continue to use Basecamp and the Route-1 Low Clearance. HOWEVER, Iím intrigued with the RV Trip Wizard and I
íve heard some good things about it, but Iím also a bit concerned about how much the renewal will cost after year 1 ??? I also believe I can use RVTW to download the routes from it to my Garmin too, correct? If so, this is good, but Iím not sure itís as good (or inclusive) as the Route-1 product when it comes to low clearance bridges? Does anyone simply use RVTW as a supplement to a Garmin using Basecamp and Route-1 or is that overkill? Thanks in advance for advice/recommendations.

OTRA15 05-03-2021 06:53 AM

Welcome to the forum. These "trip planning tools" search results will reveal probably dozens of threads/posts which may be helpful IMO:

We use a spiral-bound road atlas like this, and the trucker's atlas is also recommended as good "old school" solutions:

Great for kids and grand-kids to use also, and to follow along on the trip IMO.

No electricity or Internet required!

Good luck,

Mollysdad 05-03-2021 07:09 AM

As a lighter alternative to RV Trip Wizard, try Google Maps.
Not the maps you find in images. There's a tool that's quite powerful and free. (If I can say free and Google in the same sentence)
For me, RV Trip Wizard does so much, I almost feel I'm obligated to plan it's trip, not mine. It doesn't like change.

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