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92landyacht 04-23-2021 09:55 AM

Need replacement seat belts
I just replaced the seats in my 1992 AS LY 36' motorhome. The driver's side never had the original seat belts but the mounting brackets on the floor were still there.

I'm looking for replacement seat belts but can't seem to find one that will fit. The original (Indiana Mills Mfg) belts used 2 point retractable units on both sides of the seat. Both the tongue and buckle side were retractable and had plenty of length no matter where the seat was positioned. All I can find are ones with a solid mount on one side and a retractable unit on the other. The problem is that the total length is only about 60" and I still need a foot or so in order to be able to move the seat all the way forward comfortably. Does anyone have a source for extra long retractable seat belts or a used set of original style belts in good condition? Need 2 point belts since there are no provisions in the seats or the coach for the 3rd mounting point.

Very frustrating that I can't seem to find something that I would have thought to be easy to locate.

I do have to add that the new seats look and feel great! They're MB Sprinter take-outs that were leather and never used. I picked up the pair for under $600 a set and were fairly easy to install. Just had to extend the standard mounting points out a couple of inches on each side using 1/4" x 2" steel bar bolted to the original mounting holes the complete width both front and back using grade-8 1" x 5/8" bolts and grade 8 nylon insert nuts. Very sturdy mount and looks factory. A little darker color then original but still look good with the oak cabinetry. I'll post pics a little later to show you what I have and what the factory belts look like.

Foiled Again 04-23-2021 11:03 AM

You can buy the webbing online in the color of your choice. You should be able able to get the hardware from any junkyard.

Buy heavy duty nylon thread and a leather palm, and hand sewing needles from Sailrite. Or go to a shoe repair shop or saddle repair/Leather work/tent or upholstery store to and have them sew in the ends and buckle.

Of course you can buy an extender for each seatbelt. That adds a foot or.more to the buckle side which can make the belt considerably more comfortable (for me) because the belt goes between "the girls" rather than smashing one! I know, TMI.

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