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64mtp 04-20-2021 08:42 AM

Interior Skins
Hello. New to the forum and new airstream owner. We recently purchased a 1969 27í Overlander. We intend to use it in a set location not for traveling the country. Iíve tried and tried to search the forum for any information I can get on interior skins, but the more I read the more confused I get. So, what are the interior skins made of, aluminum or fiberglass type material? Ours seems to be some type of fiberglass, but I canít verify that. So, whatís the real answer? How do I patch holes that have been cut in the interior or holes from items that are no longer there. Iím sure thereís an answers on here somewhere, but I just canít find them. Iím sure Iíll have 50,000 more questions before this ordeal is over. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

57Vintage 04-20-2021 08:59 AM

Most of your interior skins would be aluminum if original. The interior end caps are probably fiberglass/plastic of some type.

Repairs will depend on the size. If just a rivet hole. I'd put in a new rivet. (Olympic rivets to be shaved smooth if you don't want a hole to show in the middle of the rivet.) Larger would be a patch. Whether to patch or replace a panel is up to you.

Bubba L 04-20-2021 09:15 AM

It goes without saying that the interior is a heck of a lot easier to patch than the exterior. Our 66 had the Alcoa factory vinyl covered interior .032 aluminum. I donít know if the 69s do or not. We stripped all the vinyl off and patched/painted. Like Harold said, patch. We did use pop rivets but I sealed the rivet holes on some so they wouldnít stand out after painting. I guess it all depends on what you want the end product to look like. If it is the vinyl covered aluminum, I donít know if the smooth aluminum patch would be apparent if painted over with vinyl adjacent to it. I think I would patch, and use some bondo in the small holes, and prime the entire interior with thick primer like Kilz Adhesive and paint a finish over that. Just thoughts. Good luck.

64mtp 04-20-2021 10:01 AM

Thank you for the information.

64mtp 04-20-2021 10:02 AM

What’s the best method of removing the interior vinyl?

Bubba L 04-20-2021 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by 64mtp (Post 2485387)
Whatís the best method of removing the interior vinyl?

If the panels are outside in the open air, Aircraft Stripper. If inside, Citristrip. It takes a little longer for the Citristrip due to it drying out sooner than later. I placed a piece of plastic over the wet Citristrip which allowed it to work longer. Keep in mind that Aircraft Stripper is bad stuff, Citristrip not so much and it smells good. Good luck and wear PPE stuff when messing with strippers.

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