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Pappy3393 04-11-2021 08:41 AM

Outdoor Mat/Rug Questions
I am the proud owner of a 2021 28fc Flying Cloud and have several questions/requirements.
- what size works best for people? Smaller, equal to, or larger than the canopy area?
- I would like a Matt/rug that is easy to clean, store and transport in the back of a pickup truck.
- how do you keep the mat/rug in place? Stakes, weights, etc.
- what colors do people prefer to go with the silver AS?
- what materials are preferred?

Minno 04-11-2021 09:07 AM

We have a patio mat bought at Camping World. It is a blue and white pattern because we like blue and have a blue interior in our trailer. Ours is a larger size, and does extend out beyond our awning in front. The down side of that is that it gets wet when it rains, but it's ok with us. These patio mats are easy to clean by either stretching it out on the driveway, or over a clothesline and scrubbing with a long handled brush (same one I use to clean trailer). It folds up into a companion bag we bought with it, to store in back of truck. Keeps lots of things out of the trailer like mud, leaves, pine needles, and is easily swept off. If it's windy, you can stake the corners - it comes with stakes and loops to use them in.

Hope this helps!


AKNate 04-11-2021 10:39 AM

I recommend the CGear Sand Free mats. They’re a more open weave than typical mats - a design that allows dirt to fall through them, but the mat itself floats on the dirt not allowing it to go the other way. They’re relatively light and easy to clean.
For size, bigger is better IMO. I like it to go beyond the awning so if it rains you don’t get mud splashing up from the drip edge. Water goes right through the mat. Also the farther the trek across the mat is, the more dirt you loose from your shoes and the less gets tracked into the airstream. You also want enough room to setup your outdoor living area comfortably on the mat and not have your chairs touching the camper.
Our CGear has D-rings that we nail down with heavy duty tent stakes we bought.

Bcc75 04-11-2021 11:18 AM

We got this one on Amazon. Different colors & sizes are available. Comes with a carry bag also

LNBright 04-11-2021 11:29 AM

We have a KUMA:

They have two different sizes and two different patterns, and both are reversible.

We have a 20', so we went w/ the smaller: I was originally wanting the longer one, but the pattern we wanted was out of stock, ended up w/ the smaller, and it actually worked out well for us. As yours is a good bit longer than ours, tho', I could see going w/ the longer one.

fander 04-11-2021 11:58 AM

We also use Cgear mat. I still don't know how it works but the sand and dirt stay down beneath the mat. Sand that gets on top of the mat disappears. We have been using it for three winters now boondocking at Yuma.

Lily&Me 04-11-2021 12:11 PM

Another vote for the Cgear SandFree mat.

It gives a nice, clean surface to stand and walk on, sweeps clean and washes up easily.


BigSxyWhtGuy 04-11-2021 01:19 PM

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Lowes 5x7 outdoor rugs. We have three of them and they just roll up onto each other and store in the back of the truck when not in use.

Attachment 392961

AnnaBelle33 04-11-2021 02:23 PM

We bought this one - we have a Classic 33 & wanted a 16’. It folds down and lays on top of my totes under the tonneau cover.

Rv Mat Patio Rug Colorful Floral Design 9x16

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