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Vitaver 04-06-2021 03:14 PM

ProPride hitch and Fordís Backup Assist
I finally got it dialed in, and it works. The basics are in the below, but not quite.

It makes a vague reference to all other measurements have to consider the trick on modifying the actual distance from license plate to Ďhitch ballí (which you donít have as a pivot point on a PP3). Wish it was more clear. I went on on measuring and adjusting the actual readings on the measuring tape with plus and minus the difference between the actual distance as measured against the 16 inches the author indicates should work. Wrote down, tried, crossed out, wrote down again, repeat, till it works, but I donít know what are the final numbers I actually inputted into Backup Assist, no idea how to recover them from the carís screen either, so sorry canít be of much help, but I made it work, it can be done and is great.

Anyone with a better explanation of the process, please provide it. It is a great tool.

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