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dragonflyt.o 04-12-2006 07:02 PM

new owner of 69 overlander
hi all, my name is Noel and i am the proud new owner of a 69 overlander. It is in pretty bad shape but has lots of potential. i have been going over the different threads trying to come up with a plan and trying to figure out where to begin. I think i am going for the shell off version. Why? belly pan is mostly gone, inner skins are already removed and the back of the frame needs the serious attention. so basically i am starting from scratch. I think i have figured out how to get the shell off. the part that i am getting stuck at is once i get the frame fixed which comes first 1) new belly pan or 2) plumbing( black, grey tanks) oh and gas lines and water lines 3) insulation and then floor???? i think i will need to replace the c- channel that goes around the trailer which i belive the shell attaches too. anyway i know this is a big topic but i thought it best to just jump into the forum just like i did with the trailer and see what happens. meanwhile i will keep checking the forum out. proud owner, noel:)

Stefrobrts 04-12-2006 07:19 PM

Hi Noel, welcome to the forum.

Luckily many people have already gone where you're heading, so you will get lots of help. I didn't go shell off, I did a partial floor repair, shell on.

Good luck with your project!

Chaplain Kent 04-13-2006 06:47 AM

Welcome to the forums. There will be plenty of people willing to give advice as you go through your restoration. How about some before pictures?

Aluminati 10-09-2007 06:42 PM

Congrads...I just purchased a 68. Sounds like we are both in for alot o fun.

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