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Boogieshoes 03-12-2021 07:51 AM

ProPride - Outstanding Service
ProPride Super Service! 5 years and 52K miles using a ProPride towing our 2016 Classic with our 2016 F-250; huge fan of ProPride; have enjoyed rock solid towing in all sorts of conditions. On the way (800 mi) to Jackson Center experienced sway at speeds over 60. That was so unusual I knew something was wrong. Upon arrival noticed the bearings, which I should have inspected and re-packed at 4 years, had failed. Called Brent McDowell, Sales Director at PP; he saw the pic and said unsafe to tow; he offered several alternatives; we settled on me bringing the hitch the 200 mi up to their factory from JC and they would work me in. Said I would be there at 8am. Left at 4:45am, arrived at 7:45 am; was met in the parking lot before I turned off the engine. Wes had me back up to a dock door, got a fork lift and took my hitch back (with me) to Tom Woodruff, father of PP owner Sean Woodruff. Tom immediately began working on the hitch and said it should be ready in a couple of hours. Brent came out and, like every employee I encountered, was helpful and polite. The guys gave me some breakfast recommendations and I was off. When I returned in 90 min or so, Wes again came out to meet me and said the hitch was almost ready. He walked me in to Tom, who was working on what I thought was a new hitch. To my surprise, it was my hitch, completely cleaned up, rebuilt and painted. I hoped for new bearings, but received several new parts including new spindles (note the old spindles at far right on the work bench); the hitch assembly simply looked brand new. I was back in JC at 1:30, the hitch was reinstalled and I was ready to go in time for another 800 mi trip back to Little Rock tomorrow. We hear a lot about poor service; thought I would share this example of excellent customer service which exceeded all reasonable expectations. Wait, there’s more - Guess what I was charged for this?? Nothing.
Towed home (768mi) yesterday in high winds; once again experienced rock solid towing without a hint of sway. ProPride is a wonderful product backed by wonderful service.

steve46 03-12-2021 10:56 AM

Almost none of this surprises me, to hear an instance of underpromising and overdelivering. I met Sean about three years ago and immediately knew he was at least “a notch above” others I’d encountered in many different roles where “customer service” is necessary, but not always delivered well and done so consistently. Sean is extremely knowledgeable, client satisfaction focused and very accessible. He seems to have instilled the same work ethic into those who represent his company—it is very refreshing to encounter and to see his company get acknowledged for great delivery and follow through.

jaybauman 03-12-2021 12:51 PM

Thanks for sharing your personal example of the lengths the folks at ProPride go to demonstrate their PROfessional PRIDE in their work.

Recently, I had a problem with a ProPride purchase for a new trailer and a very tight timeframe to get a resolution before beginning my 1700 mile journey home. I texted Brent and somehow these guys found a way to get me up and on my way. And what did they charge me for resolving my "emergency"? They only asked that I keep spreading the good word about their products and services.

That, my friends, is going above and beyond. Even though I already had extremely high expectations for ProPride, they managed to exceed them.


renderit 03-13-2021 05:19 AM

Just bought my first ProPride and am waiting on our new AS to install it (now May instead of April).

They have absolutely exceeded EVERYONE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH in a large purchasing decision. Quick answers to questions, solutions offered when I changed my tow vehicle mid-purchase, and getting me product with mind-numbingly quick response.

Easily the model of what every business should aspire to.

GMFL 03-13-2021 06:13 AM

They are truly an incredible company. This did not happen by accident.

rmkrum 03-13-2021 09:53 AM

ProPride - Outstanding Service
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Originally Posted by GMFL (Post 2470893)
They are truly an incredible company. This did not happen by accident.

Absolutely. When I was looking for a better hitch system, Sean answered a lot of questions from me with patience and factual information. At that time he was the whole face of the company.

It’s nice to hear that his employees are carrying on this level of customer support. Sean and I have also exchanged data and pictures on the original ProPride design and discussed some of the modifications I’m fiddling with, like my custom powered WD jacks. He’s a great guy, and very good to talk to.

Attachment 390606

Another fine product of the Department of Overkill Engineering and my buddy, Barry who built this lash-up. It’s an easy way for this certified tired old phart to make hitching up easy and fast. Eventually it’s going to be automated to adjust the WD jacks according to load on the tow vehicle and Airstream. Still working out sensors to make it work. For now, it’s manually operated.

doctorlewis 03-13-2021 11:44 AM

I have had a ProPride for many years and every time that I have had a question it was answered. The customer service is excellent - I do not know of anything that they could do to improve.

Davidwantz 03-13-2021 03:19 PM

Uh oh... Repack Pro Pride bearings?
I agree about the service the Pro Pride folks provide. Fantastic.

I was startled to read about repacking the bearings. Gulp.

I've never re-packed my. And it is a 2016 as well.

Anyone else repack them? Advice?


kgottleib 03-15-2021 09:12 AM

Wow this is an expensive sway bar.... I will be towing a Basecamp 20x, 3500LBs dry, with my jeep grand cherokee v6 Diesel. the main issue with this tow vehicle is the lower passenger capacity rating of just around 1250lbs.. The tongue weight of the basecamp is 535LBs, adding in the weight of this hitch, close to 200LBs, that really starts to eat my cargo capacity limit...

My impression of this product is that it is probably really great for larger trailers, but for a basecamp? Is it just me that thinks this might be over kill? and possibly too heavy for my set up? Please share your thoughts and expertise

n2916s 03-15-2021 09:39 AM

ProPride - Outstanding Service
I think you have a good handle on it — the PPP hitches are excellent, no question, but they are heavy and very expensive.

I think you would be fine with a Blue Ox or an Andersen.

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